YourBP | Hypertension Care

United States, Austin, TX

YourBP, as a personal hypertension care companion app, it sets itself apart by offering HIPAA-compliant digital care diary functionality that leverages AI to provide insights based on a user's health tracking data.

Main Services:

YourBP | Hypertension Care

By tracking vitals, sleep, diet, activity, medications, and medical notes, YourBP aims to make it easier for individuals to understand and manage their hypertension by providing actionable insights and personalized recommendations. This type of functionality can be incredibly useful for individuals with hypertension who are looking to monitor their health and track their progress over time.

Additionally, the app’s focus on making health information more accessible and understandable for everyone is a valuable feature, as it can help empower individuals to take charge of their health and make informed decisions about their care.

Overall, YourBP’s combination of AI-powered insights, health tracking, and accessibility make it a unique and potentially valuable tool for individuals looking to manage their hypertension and improve their overall health.

About the Founder

Marshal Anto Robin, the Founder and CEO of YourBP Inc., brings nearly two decades of experience in healthcare IT and startup industries. He has worked with several fortune-500 clients in the USA, including Aricent, Globals, Yahoo, and iCliniq, where he played significant roles in system architecture, partnerships, and compliance.

At iCliniq, a global online medical second opinion company with the majority of its customers and revenue coming from the US and India, Marshal joined the team from day one and bootstrapped the tech, team, business, and compliance, ultimately serving as its CTO. During his tenure, he secured a key partnership with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

With a shared vision to address the hypertension care market in the US, Marshal co-founded YourBP with Peter Sahaya Raj and two other co-founders.

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