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The list includes absolutely all banks from all over the world. The information includes SWIFT codes / BIC codes. Includes information if they are members of SEPA, SEPA instant, SEPA Debit and SEPA Debit B2B and from which date they are members. Whether they are TARGET2 members and what type of membership they have – direct or indirect.

Each bank has an LEI code. This identifies each financial institution. At you can see all the information contained in the LEI code – address, national identification number, SWIFT code, parent company. Also, you can see the legal form of the bank and whether it is active. you can see if the bank has issued a FATCA GIIN. This code is issued by the US revenue agency – IRS. Registration of this code is mandatory for the bank to be able to do business with US citizens and companies.

For all banks operating in the EU market, information is provided on whether deposits are guaranteed, by which guarantee fund and up to what amount.

Yourbankservice has a complete list of all banks, payment institutions and electronic money institutions (EMIs) – by country.

We are also preparing a tool to easily open a bank account, depending on the customer’s needs, country and the activities carried out. Often, citizens and companies get confused when they have to choose a service bank. Our tool facilitates the process.

Soon a system for easy opening of bank deposits will be integrated in Often, opening a bank deposit in another country can help to get higher interest rates on deposits. Users will be able to easily navigate through the products of different international banks.

We are in the process of setting up a platform to register companies and offer accounts, to digital nomads.

The SWIFT code is an identification code that joins banks, payment institutions and electronic money institutions (EMIs). It consists of 11 characters – for example, Wise’s is TRWIBEB1XXX. The first 4 characters (TRWI)identify the institution and are unique. The next 2 characters (BE) identify the country – Belgium, the next 2 characters B1 – identify the city – Brussels, and the next 3 are for the branch. In this case, there is only one – the central branch, and for that they are XXX.

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