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Australia, North Willoughby

A certified startup coach who aims at helping more entrepreneurs to be successful by sharing the right content that help guides the early-stage of founding, figuring out if he/she has what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, to one-on-one personal coaching.

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startup coaching, talent assessment, co-founder finder

Your Pivot

I’ve iterated my offering and therefore my website layout about twice, and going to do the third revision because I confirmed that no one is going to sign up for a 12-week coaching program just by visiting the website.
Hence, I’m going to change how an entrepreneur could be selected as a coachee and a different way of remuneration for my coaching, in this 3rd iteration.

I know there’re lots of free advice and better coaches than me, the real competition is actually inertia and the price friction in hiring a coach for this audience. So, I’m hoping Diib will be able to help identify the real competition!

Diib Reviews by our featured members:

"The dashboard overview that makes it easy to read, and show fixes that we can easily make with audit being done by machines at the background. I've yet to utilise the growth expert in helping me to develop an effective SEO plan. and if all goes well, I would love to explore the one-stop shop of SEO and paid advertising's power in generating more and better quality leads that convert. The fact that Diib also provide article writing that tap into keywords will solve the friction we normally encounter with traditional SEO agencies."

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