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Coaching , Facilitation , Confidante , Trainer , Teacher , Executive Coach

Your Confidante

I deliver a personal service to clients as their confidante to deliver an impartial sounding board on matters that they normally keep to themselves or have issues discussing with others.

My one to one clients are Founders, Entrepreneurs, High Profile people who want discretion at all times.

Often people in positions of leadership need to be able to consider all angles of a given situation without judgement, prejudice or concern. Many appreciate the service I deliver as it gives them an opportunity to get clear on their decisions before they announce their plans to others, as this helps them minimise conflict, concern, fear, or manipulation from those who have vested interests in their outcomes.

Over the duration of our work together I also support my clients with tools that enable them to align themselves to their highest outcomes and over time, they develop and increase these new abilities to handle situations differently such that this improves all areas of their lives for enhanced relationships, health, finance and business opportunities that they were previously overwhelmed by or invisible to. Clients begin to embrace new opportunities and these begin to take shape in the real world.

I also provide group facilitated courses to help people learn the tools to support creativity within peer based learning environment to improve outcomes in their decision making.

As part of this I am launching a range of evergreen products that people can purchase online and watch in their own time.

The industry that most resembles what I deliver is coaching. My approach is centred in supporting all my clients to access their own answers rather than providing advice.

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