Yoho & Co Ltd

New Zealand, Christchurch

Monique started Yoho & Co. back in 2019, four weeks into her maternity leave.

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Yoho & Co Ltd

While she was on the couch with new son Brodie napping the idea about creating Yoho was born. Monique & Ben had started using cloth and they absolutely loved it! They wanted to make cloth more accessible with more choice – giving people the option to choose what they needed for their babe’s. As we all know, what works for one doesn’t mean it will work for another!

Fast forward to 2022 after the birth of their second child Pippa, Monique made the very hard decision to pass Yoho on to new hands. This is where, I, Linda come into the picture. I am a bit different in this industry as I am a nana, not a new mum (I have 2 gorgeous grandies and more to come, hopefully soon) everything I was learning about cloth nappies really sparked my interest, the ethos behind this sort of living is right up my alley and one that I aspire to in my everyday living!

The loves of my life besides the obvious of family are companion pets & animal welfare, so much so that back in 2005 I created a company called Pet Central. My ethos with this company was to keep the products as natural as I could, support NZ businesses, offer excellent customer service and have an excellent selection of quality and affordable products. After 17 years in the Pet Industry I needed a change, I was looking for months for something to grab me and when I saw Yoho & Co, I was like YES!! I can do this – I love babies and have a strong E-Commerce background and excel in Customer Service

Monique still has a very strong presence with the growing of Yoho and is/will be a constant source of support and inspiration to me while I navigate this fascinating new world of baby products that I sure could have done with when my kids were littlies! When I think of those horrible cloth nappies that I used on my daughter with a chux cloth as an absorbent liner I shake my head! the world has progressed in such a better way in so many levels

I’m really looking forward to taking Yoho & Co to the next level and am proud to be able to continue to support NZ businesses with the designs of our products ( our prints are inspired by NZ & Overseas artists and are exclusive ). We are very proud to be a 100% NZ owned and operated business offering quality and affordable babywear and specialising in cloth nappies

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