Yesbox Solutions AB

Sweden, Stockholm is a Swedish SAAS platform that include Employee surveys

Main Services:

Employee research, Employee talks, Puls survey, Develop staff, improve communication, 360 analysis, Follow up on Goal and activities, Follow SCARF, Measure driving forces

Yesbox Solutions AB

Work Pulses, Employee talks and follow up on goals which triggers engagement and supports the work environment.
This platform is designed to help companies, teams and individuals to use the latest brain research on how people are functioning. Ask relevant questions in questionnaires, or dialogues give automatic advice to develop people in the regular reflection.

Monthly pulse measurements of the teams are one cheap way to understand a little more what is going on under the surface – before it’s too late.”

With the support of digital employee surveys and employee dialogues, the organization can both strengthen its strategy, follow and develop the work environment. Or even trigger commitment and build the culture. With continuous support of Yesbox both cooperation and communication are developed. This will be a cost-effective way to both develop the business and reduce time wasted on unnecessary miscommunication.

The staff has knowledge in both research and leadership as well as the market’s best customer service, most customers stay for many years.

Employees answer easily surveys via a link in an email or via SMS in the mobile phone.
Results and analysis with automatically generated ones advice provides support to both management and all teams.
Yesbox Work Pulses may also be used for continuous education or reflection.
In Yesbox module for dialogues or employee talks competence requirements can also be clarified for teams and job roles right down to individual positions in the organization.
Goals and activities can be used for both groups, managers and employees. They are there to remind you of what needs to be done and to monitor progress.
Smaller companies see it as an easier one HR platform.

Top ratings from our customers
We are extremely proud and happy to be able to tell you about ours top marks on both Employee Surveys, Employee Talks and Pulse Measurements from our customers via BusinessWith. They have asked various customers of system suppliers how satisfied they are. They have also summarized and compared the functionality available on the market.

Yesbox have got top rating in the area of ​​customer satisfaction, support and service as well as benchmark and analysis.
highest grade on a specific question about “Value for money” and “The cooperation with the supplier”

Yesbox employee surveys map the organisation and the team while Work pulses follow up and influence Mapping and understanding the work environment. Pulses shows how different departments feel or thrive and collaborate works great with an employee survey. But if, on the other hand, you want to influence, train or develop the group continuously, Yesbox Work Pulses are another possibility. This means sending out questionnaires to get relevant information before various meetings. This makes work more efficient and important time is saved by avoiding misunderstandings or miscommunication. The discussions are then based on what has already been answered and the focus is on reflecting further. When questions are asked that create insights and reflection, the whole group develops: Why does it look like this? What’s behind it?

Yesbox employee dialogues
Maps and releases the potential of a results driven Dialogue with the individual

Dialogue is a key part of moving forward with problems, challenges and new initiatives. It’s in dialogues we become listened on, where we make ourselves heard and where we understand ideas from others and why these are important – to the person, the team and the organisation.

Employee interviews are one valuable tool for organizations who want to increase productivity and improve the working environment. The Swedish Work Environment Authority recommend that questions around working conditions is brought up continuously in the conversation with colleagues. Employee meetings can also be a forum where managers and employees individually discusses the company’s goals and strategies to increase efficiency. It gives the company the opportunity to get individual valuable feedback and gain insight into the employee’s driving forces, working methods, strengths and weaknesses. The employee meeting can also be used to discuss new projects, for skills follow-up or redistribution of workload. By and large, employee interviews play an important role in organizational improvements.

dialogues also has the advantage that they often already happening. Yesbox takes your existing process and follow-up and creates digital continuous ones employee interviews or development interviews. Many use Yesbox estimated templates for different types of calls.

All activities determined in dialogues end up in the integrated action plan. Then combine them with goals at both personal, team and organizational levels.

A team from Yesbox helps you with layout and set-up.

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