Xtreme Adventures


We are a non-traditional Czech experience agency.

Main Services:

teambuilding events, Wild rivers trips, survival courses, rock climbing courses and trips, sport courses , Via ferrata trips and courses, Firewalking, Wim Hof Method

Xtreme Adventures

Czech adventure company / travel agency

We don’t like doing things the usual way. We always want to get the best out of ourselves and try to push our limits again and again. Join us. Adrenaline will flow in your veins, you will step out of your comfort zone and you will constantly push the boundaries of what your body and mind can go.

Look for Dan behind everything. Founder, adventurer, instructor, guide, guinea pig and enthusiastic traveler who perhaps has pure adrenaline instead of blood. He is always looking for new adventures, no rock is too high for him and no river too wild. He wants to try every sport in the world and constantly pushes himself beyond his limits. And this is how he imprinted himself on Xtreme Adventures.

Get ready to experience things you won’t forget. You will climb the highest peaks of the old continent, climb the peaks of rocks, and go down the most beautiful rivers of Europe. You will find a way to yourself, enjoy active rest and experience deep meditation. You will participate in a yoga weekend, overcome yourself in the middle of a men’s circle, dive into a pool full of ice according to the Wim Hof ​​method. Or are you tougher and would rather try your hand at survival in the wilderness or shoot yourself with a shotgun and semi-automatic rifle?

Your guides will be the elements created by nature itself – water, earth, air, fire and ether. Which one will dominate you? Nothing is impossible with us. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience, we will be your teachers, advisors, guides and friends.

We are Xtreme Adventures.

– Sport courses for schools, retail and companies
– Team building events o key
– Wild river / white river trips and courses. Europian rivers like Salza, Enns, Soča, Koritnica, Lech, Inn, Moll, Isel, etc.
– Rock climbing trips and courses
– Via Ferrata courses and trips
– Survival courses
– Firewalking
– Wim Hof method
– Kiting
– Flyboard
– and much more…

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