X8 Drums

United States, Atlanta

When we say we walk to the beat of our own drum, we mean it.

Main Services:

Musical Instruments, Djembes, Hand Drums, Percussion Instruments, World Drums, Congas, African Drums, Bongos, Congas, Tambourines

X8 Drums

We don’t just sell djembes and percussion instruments; we sell a life-long love of music and rhythm, and all the gooey deliciousness, hand-numbing, life-enhancing, feel-good richness and delight of drumming.

The mission of X8 Drums is to provide our the ultimate percussion instrument shopping experience online. We launched our website after one of our founders was in the middle of recording and album and was frustrated by the limited selection of online percussion stores. Since then, we’ve partnered with amazing percussion brands and launched our own brand of djembes and percussion, sourced from around the globe.

Our team is fueled by musicians and we enjoy the ability to demo most of the instruments we sell. We’ve produced online hand drumming lessons, product demos, comparison and review videos and music videos. We feel that’s a great way to showcase the instruments in our store.

After 15 years in business, we look back and thank our customers and partners for keeping us going. We’ve been surrounded by people who spark joy by making music and we are honored to be part of that.

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