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CEO of Wonderfuel® Wellness, LLC and creator of Wonderfuel® Prenatal Vitamins, Kristina Perkins is a Certified Hormone, Nutrition, Health, and Prenatal and Postpartum Coach.

Main Services:

Prenatal Vitamins, Prenatal DHA Capsules, Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum Herbal Bath Blend, Prenatal Preparation Coaching, Postpartum Preparation Coaching, 1:1 Women's Health Coaching

Wonderfuel Wellness, LLC

She’s also a Herbalist, Birth Doula, and Placenta Encapsulator.

On a personal note, she’s a single mom by choice to two beautiful boys. They are certainly her motivation for creating Wonderfuel®. And why she is so passionate about expanding her prenatal vitamin line to clients, practitioners, and retailers across the US. Kids are powerful like that 🙂

Kristina’s youngest son, Onyx, is a Wonderfuel® Baby. She wanted Wonderfuel® Prenatal Vitamins to not only meet but exceed expectations for standard Prenatal Vitamin support. Kristina started taking Wonderfuel® Prenatal Vitamins a couple of months before her IUI to conceive Onyx. And at 36 years old, with the support of Wonderfuel vitamins, she got pregnant by her first IUI! Kristina fully stands by her product and continues to take them during postpartum!

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and shipping products and working with clients virtually throughout the USA. Wonderfuel Wellness is passionate about delivering optimal nourishment to those who are preparing to conceive all the way through to those recovering in postpartum.

Wonderfuel Prenatal Vitamins are an essential multivitamin and mineral formula for the optimal health of birthing person and baby during pregnancy, postpartum, as well as preparation for conception.

120 capsules in a glass bottle. They do NOT contain gluten, dairy, soy, or GMO’s.

A few of the Benefits:
-Formulated to augment a healthy diet and make up for common nutrient shortfalls
-Provides nutrients in amounts to support optimal health rather than meeting the minimum requirements
-Features natural folate (not synthetic folic acid)
-Select minerals in chelated form for superior absorption and bioavailability
-Provides iodine and selenium for healthy thyroid function and fetal brain development
-Provides vitamin E isomers as tocotrienols – more powerful antioxidants than the tocopherols in most prenatal vitamins

One bottle includes a 1 month supply of capsules. Consult your provider for best daily dosing recommendations specific to your needs.

All Wonderfuel vitamins are manufactured in a GMP registered facility in the USA

Wonderfuel Wellness offers 1:1 health coaching with CEO Kristina Perkins. Choose from a prenatal or postpartum prep session or a Women’s Health coaching session for those who aren’t in the prenatal or postpartum stage. Included in the prenatal and/or postpartum prep session is:
-60 minute Video (recommended) or Phone call
-Establish support for your goals surrounding pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum
-Thorough review + consideration of nutritional, hormonal, socioeconomic, and lifestyle factors to support this wild + wonderful time of life
-Herbal support that is considered safe during pregnancy and postpartum
-Boundary setting + self-advocacy
-Discuss Birth Plan options and preferences
-Discuss opportunities to shift when met with real-life roadblocks and birth related decisions
-Direct access to Kristina via Voxer (secure app) for 1 week following your session
-Wonderfuel Prenatal Vitamins Discount

The Wonderfuel Postpartum Herbal Bath blend comes with individually packages herbs for postpartum support. Blend formulated by Wonderfuel CEO and Herbalist, Kristina Perkins. 3 bath pouches, single use. Ingredients: epsom salt, lavender, nettle, yarrow, witch hazel, calendula, rosemary, uva ursi, plantain
Packed in unbleached paper.

Placenta Encapsulation Service Offering: I can prepare your placenta using either the Japanese Method, Traditional Chinese Method, or partial Fresh Frozen and/or partial Tincture. All preparation methods include a postpartum herbal bath blend. The total number of capsules created with the placenta depends on both the size of your placenta and the preparation method that you choose. I will pick up your placenta at either your birthing place or your home, and drop off capsules/powder at your home. I offer a tiered pricing system that is pay what you can.

Traditional Chinese Method (most popular): Placenta is drained, steamed with sliced fresh lemon and ginger (can be steamed without lemon and ginger as well, by request), sliced thinly, dehydrated, and ground for either encapsulation or powder consumption. Yields typically 100-200 capsules.

Raw Method: Placenta is drained, sliced thinly, dehydrated and ground for either encapsulation or powder consumption. Yields 200+ capsules.

Fresh Frozen: Placenta is drained, sliced into dime-sized pieces, and frozen. This option can be combined with another method if you’d like to try a couple of pieces as fresh frozen.

Tincture: A dime-sized piece of fresh placenta is put into a gf brandy and set to steep. This option can be combined with another method if you’d like to try. The tincture is ready for use 6 weeks after birth.

Benefits of consuming Placenta after Birth:
-Loaded with vitamins and minerals that promote postpartum recovery—B12, B6, iron, and estrogen, and progesterone (all levels that drop after you give birth).
-Increased release of oxytocin, which helps the uterus return to normal size and encourages bonding with baby
-Increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone
-Decrease in postpartum depression levels
-Restoration of iron levels in the blood (after postpartum bleeding)
-Increase in milk production

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