Wines Online

Singapore, Singapore

Established in 2003, Wines Online is one of the earliest pioneers for online wines & spirits retail in Singapore.

Main Services:

Riedel Fine Crystal Glassware Authorised Retailer, Corporate Gifting, Wine Appreciation and Corporate Wine Training Programs, Wine Fridge and Cabinet Retailer, Corporate B2B Beverage Supplier, Fine Wine and Spirits Retailer, Wines and Spirits Auction, Wine Accessories Retailer, Wines and Spirits Retailer

Wines Online

Through their direct relationship with wineries, negociants and local importers, Wines Online has one of the widest selection of alcoholic beverages at great prices.

Wines Online is well known for their friendly service, expert advice and great selections. The wine shop receives very positive customers’ social media reviews and 5 star ratings by professional wine media such as Wine Searcher.

The Wines Online team believes that careful product curation and deep product knowledge are important to having a standout store. Because of their longstanding relationships with wineries and local wine and spirits importers, they have access to possibly the widest selection of alcohol products available in Singapore. Every year, the Wines Online team are presented with a lot of bottle samples for tasting and consideration. For any wine or spirit that makes it to the store shelves, the team would have personally tasted it before approving for listing and gone back time and again to retaste as vintages roll. This is a time consuming but hugely rewarding process, as the team becomes familiar not only with the product quality, but also the taste profile that allows them to make suitable recommendations to customers. The experience that the Wines Online team gains from tasting through the bottles and documenting tasting notes is a competitive strength that comes from reiteration and the knowledge gained cannot be duplicated in a year or two or just by getting a wine training certification.

Wines Online is a trusted wine company that takes the stress off customers so that they can relax and focus on the important stuff that matters. The store has served many customers, both Singaporeans and other nationalities since Day One. Wines Online do not set themselves out to be the cheapest wine shop but instead aims to provide customers with the best online shopping experience imaginable at the fairest price.

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