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Widow 411

Widow 411 founder, Kim Murray, learned more than she ever wanted to know about grief when her husband died from terminal brain cancer in 2014. As a young widow whose entire world fell apart, she began the challenging work of managing the intense sadness and overwhelm while simultaneously solo parenting her two young children.

After a few years on her own widowhood journey, Kim created Widow 411 to offer widows a place to find practical information on topics like grief, finances, relationships, and self-care. Widow 411 helps widows quell some of their gut-wrenching anxiety because Kim shares her secrets, successes, and failures to show other widows what it’s like to survive and even thrive through widowhood.

Widow 411 shows other widows a world where it’s possible, probable, and even practical to make widowhood suck a little less. Widows will find information on things like:

• How to move grief to a supporting role
• Tips on breaking your resistance to grief
• Hassle-free negotiation tips
• Free car inspection services
• Tools and resources to make widowed life easier
• Internet safety rules
• How to conquer anxiety over the unknown
• Questions to ask before deciding to date again
• And so much more

Kim also creates widow-specific products like The Ultimate Survival Guide for Widows, which is an online course that guides widows through the crushing list of to-dos after a spouse dies. The course includes detailed instructions about how to organize tasks, manage finances, close accounts and so much more. With done-for you templates and easy-to-use checklists and worksheets, this course helps widows tackle their newly widowed to-do’s without going insane.

Widows can also find other encouraging products like journals, workbooks, and mentoring options that support widows learning how to navigate their “new normal.”

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