Watercolor Wildflowers

United States, Omaha

Watercolor Wildflowers is studio artist business by appt. I am a retired civil engineer surveyor.

Main Services:

resin art, resin art paintings, stained glass windows in resin, transparent overlays of color, LED back Lighted transparent resin paintings, transparent watercolor landscape painting, geometric designs

Watercolor Wildflowers

I make landscape watercolor paintings, geometric resin paintings, and other graphic arts related services.
I am currently building resin art works using a unique process that I invented. My resin slab designs are geometric themes and color compositions. Art works are transparent, colorful and lit with LED by AC or DC power. Installation is included with purchase.
My resin art is unlike any other and will look incredible in your home or business. My paintings are planned, well constructed, and beautiful. Hang them on your wall or in front of a window. I’ve also built LED backlighting which shines brightly through the colorful resin.

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