Vietnam Detox

Vietnam, Hue

Vietnam Detox has been running fasting retreats in Vietnam since 2016, pioneering the Buchinger Fasting Method from Germany.

Main Services:

Fasting retreat, Detox, Wellness Coaching, Juice Detox, Intermittent Fasting, Buchinger Fasting,Safe professional environment for fasting

Vietnam Detox

We started at Dalat Edensee Hotel in Dalat, and since August 2019, we have run our retreats at Alba Wellness Valley in Hue.

We position our retreats as preventative fasting retreats or “fasting for healthy people,” and guests complete a medical questionnaire which we review in a 30-60 minute conversation with each guest before confirming their participation.

This review aims to ensure that fasting is safe for everybody who joins and to learn more about their objectives and health condition, allowing us to tailor our program to their needs. We limit the maximum number of guests to 16 to keep the retreats at a high standard, allowing individual attention and customisation of program activities and fasting provisions based on personal objectives.

We also offer private retreats for individuals and small groups in selected resorts and residences.

Currently, all our guests are Vietnamese, and we use our translator to ensure everybody understands the information shared in the daily wellness classes and other retreat activities.

Our main aim in offering these retreats is to inspire and empower people to make positive, healthy lifestyle choices and to embrace healthy habits when they return home. Our inspiring Wellness classes are a crucial reason guests choose our retreats.
We offer a five-day entry-level program starting on Wednesday evenings and ending on Sunday afternoons and an 8-day program from Wednesday to Wednesday.
In the five-day retreat, people break their fast and do the critical building-up days at home. In the 8-day retreat, we break the fast together and provide special food for 2 of the three building-up days on site.

Step back from the distractions of everyday life to experience the amazing benefits of ‘preventative fasting’. We offer you the only place in Vietnam to experience this very effective form of fasting from Germany called the Buchinger Fasting Method.

Our mission is to support you on your path to a healthier lifestyle. We do this by helping you create and maintain healthy habits. You’ll return home with tangible results, knowledge and motivation to make great lifestyle choices about how you think, eat, exercise and socialise.
During this transformative experience, you’ll discover first-hand what it’s like to connect with yourself and make do with less.

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