South Africa, Johannesburg

Vdub is a small personal business which has been in operation for roughly 6 months.

Main Services:


We have a website, vdub.co.za, where we list the latest used vehicles on sale in South Africa. The vehicles are mainly cars, within a price range of R40 000 to R120000. It constitutes a broad range of makes and is essentially the bottom half of the market.

Vdub sources the listings for the vehicles from different social media sites, mainly Facebook. We attempt to filter our as many ‘bad’ deals as possible before listing the vehicles, thus providing a ‘safer’ transaction. The site lists a link to the seller and we are, therefore, not involved in any transactions. We have been in this field for the past 6 years and have built up considerable experience. Vdub earns an income through Google Adsense.

Vdub also has a wide customer base and plans to become a popular source for used cars in South Africa. We provide listings of cars from a wide range of prices, ensuring that all of their customers can find something that suits their budget. Vdub is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable used car in South Africa.

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