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Truforte Business Group is Florida's trusted Business Brokers

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Truforte Business Group

Truforte Business Group is Florida’s trusted Business Brokers

We have represented and have assisted in transactions from $50,000 to multi millions. If you are looking to Sell or Buy a business in Florida Truforte Business Group can help.


We are Confidential licensed Florida Business Brokers with collective experience in many industries including retail, service, real estate, restaurants, convenience stores, manufacturing, entertainment distribution and many years in business brokerage. Individual backgrounds of experience include business ownership, hands on management, marketing, sales and operations as well as negotiating the sale of many businesses. Many like yours.


The value of a business is based on two things: what it owns and what it earns.
What it owns
A business has tangible and intangible assets. The tangible assets are the furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, and real estate. The intangible assets can include the trade name, contracts, leases, client lists, licenses, recipes, and patents.

What it earns

A business provides a certain financial benefit to the owner. The benefit generally comes in the form of business profits and a salary to the owner. It can also provide the owner with fringe benefits such as health insurance, a company car, or a retirement plan.

How value is calculated

Owner operated businesses with sales of $1 million or less generally sells for the value of the assets, plus one to three times the earnings. If the earnings are stable and growing, the value is on the higher end. If the earnings are variable or declining, the value is on the lower end. Businesses with sales of $1 million to $10 million may sell for straight earnings multiples of two to four. A thorough investigation of the financial information is required to uncover the true earnings capability of the business. Again, if the earnings are stable and growing, a higher multiple is used. If the earnings are variable or declining, a lower multiple is used. Businesses with sales of more than $10 million often have specific industry criteria, which may be applied to determine the value. At this level, Buyers may be paying for market share, rights to patents and processes, additions to product lines, or the benefits of strategic or administrative consolidation.

Rules of thumb

Most industries have one of more rules of thumb. However, they can vary widely and in most cases do not give an accurate value of a business. Since each business is unique, a particular rule of thumb can be off by as much as 100% or more. The business valuator will be able to decide what the most relevant information about a business is and then make an informed decision about its value.

The benefit of a valuation

Business valuation is as much an art as a science. While the business valuators do employ standardized formulas and methods to calculate value, they work from assumptions that are based on experience in the market place and familiarity with the similar businesses. This process includes the selection of the most appropriate risk and return variables. In this way, their applied expertise leads to the best calculations of value for a specific business.


• VISA COORDINATION (for foreign investors)
• FINAL CLOSING (coordinated with closing attorneys.
(Our Fees are paid at the time of closing)

The process of selling a business can be a very productive and rewarding experience. Truforte Business Group goes the extra mile to ensure that its clients reach their goals.

The process starts with a preliminary, no-obligation meeting that is scheduled at the seller’s convenience and usually at his place of business. General information is exchanged, so the Seller and Truforte Business Group can become acquainted with each other and their respective businesses.

A valuation is then performed to provide the Seller with a price range, which he can expect to receive for his business. Information required to analyze the business includes the following:
• Two to three years of detailed and current financial statements, balance sheets, and income tax returns.
• List of furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, trade names, patents, and other assets to be transferred with the company.
• Real property and equipment leases.
Truforte Business Group consults with the Seller to establish the proper terms and asking price for the business.
A contractual agreement is entered into between the Seller and Truforte Business Group, giving Truforte Business Group the right to market the business as the transactional agent for a specified time period and under specified terms and conditions.
Truforte Business Group consults with the Seller in developing a marketing plan unique to the business and a package to target prospective Buyers. The marketing plan is then implemented by Truforte Business Group.
The Seller is responsible for maintaining or improving the value of the business by attending to daily operations. He is also responsible for providing updated and/or additional information required by the Buyers.

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