Trauma Megastar Alliance

United States, Phoenix

Healing the brain and body first and then relationships both with self and others

Main Services:

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Trauma Megastar Alliance

We are a unique two step all inclusive, intensive healing program and is designed to move people out of fear and trauma. Our program targets healing the brain and body first and then relationships both with self and others. During the first stage the client learns about how much of what is causing them pain is a totally normal response to trauma. They learn and are held accountable to start the process of learning how to re-wire the brain and stop the body from automatic responses to fear and stress. They also learn how to reduce the reaction to stress and take back their sleep, nutrition, and understand the old patterns that are getting in the way of their best possible life. Once they are more regulated the journey to dynamic and creative relationships with themselves and others starts. They learn how to challenge themselves in relationships and grow strong in their self-worth and confidence. The whole process was designed based on years of supporting individuals, children, and couples in taking back their loves from trauma. Francis and Dr Camea Peca are also trauma survivors that have used these techniques to heal their own trauma and grow relationally.

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