Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge

Panama, Isla Bastimentos

The Panama Eco Lodge Vacation You Will Love

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Beach Excursions , Birding & Wildlife Watching , Rainforest Hiking , Indigenous Culture , Kayaking & Paddle Boarding , Caribbean Snorkeling , Surfing Panama

Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge

Treasured memories don’t come easy.

With any vacation, you have limited opportunities to make it a treasured memory. The experience must be sustainable, the accommodations must be comfortable, and the location must be beautiful. With so much to think about and so much at stake, it’s hard to know if the people and place you choose will be right. At Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge, we take all of the stress out of planning your vacation so you can truly enjoy your time away and return home renewed and personally connected.

As the appointed vacation planner, you shouldn’t have to piece together an authentic experience. You shouldn’t have to deal with scheduling each piece of the puzzle. You definitely shouldn’t be embarrassed about a sad room or an inexperienced guide. You need one partner you can trust to bring your experience to life and execute it beautifully.

The Panama Eco Lodge Vacation You Will Love

Your vacation time is limited. You need to break free from your everyday. Experience time in nature. Make personal connections. In short, you need to turn off.

Our team is committed to making this vacation the one people talk about for decades. Our all-inclusive package permits us to curate your stay. We make sure everything is appropriately executed so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

With a location as unique as Bocas del Toro, Panama, you need a team you can trust to handle every detail, big and small. Your vacation partner needs to understand what you need and make sure it comes to life. Our all-inclusive package can do that for you.

Creature Comforts: We know how important it is to be comfortable for a vacation to be memorable. Our cabanas all include hot showers, air-conditioning, and a comfortable bed. Handcrafted meals and beverages made with fresh local ingredients welcome you at the end of your adventures each day. Communal dining and private cabanas allow you to share time with other guests and have your own private space.

Curated Adventure: There’s nothing worse than a mediocre experience at an eco-lodge. We get that, and it’s why we do not compromise on our activities and excursions. Educational adventures with our naturalist guides will wow your party and keep them all talking about the vacation for years.

Conservation Preserve: We know you want some space to move around during your vacation. Many locations look like a great idea in photos, but without much land, they may feel confining. Our nature preserve encompasses 200 plus forested acres of Panama’s Western Caribbean Coast and over a kilometer of Caribbean coastline. There’s too much on the line for your vacation to confine you – at Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge; you’ll be on your own private nature preserve.

Consider Your Vacation an Investment

Imagine a vacation so fun your party talks about it for years.

Imagine an experience that sets the standard for all of your future vacations.

Imagine an adventure that is curated just for you and your party.

We’re so excited to make your vision come to life.

A lot of people see a vacation as an expense. But we believe it’s an investment. When you schedule a beautiful, sustainable, and memorable experience, it does more than make you feel good. It connects you with each member in your party. It lets you unplug and let go of your everyday. You all try new things, learn about nature, and relax. The investment you make today in your party will be made back in treasured memories that last a lifetime.

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