TOSS – The Offensive Shirt Shop

United Kingdom, London

The Offensive Shirt Shop is the brainchild of Clement Chaine often shortened to Clem, also known as Glaboin, nerdy Frenchman born and raised in the 1980s, now living in the UK.

Main Services:

t-shirts, mugs, womens tank tops, mens tank tops, hoodies, water bottles

TOSS – The Offensive Shirt Shop

He has a bit of a history as a Software Developer and he likes Running, TV Series & Cinema, Learning Languages amongst other things. But the thing he likes most is swearing, swearing in the morning, swearing in the evening, swearing in English, in French or in Spanish, all kinds of swearing. Offensive words and witty rude comments are his passion, so he decided to put them on T-shirts and Mugs.

The idea of creating a T-shirt business was born in 2011, the original idea was to create designs around funny twists on famous films and series. But he soon hit the reality of copyright and the dangers of infringing it, so his original online shop was closed (except for some designs kept on his Glab Creations Etsy store).

Of course, there was already some swearing involved in that original business, like on his favourite T-shirt creation, inspired by Star Wars and Pulp Fiction, which mashes up two of Samuel L Jackson’s characters: Jules Winnfield and Mace Windy and features the text “The force is strong with this motherfucker”.

We think a lot about swearing and rude words and this is our creative process: during Clem’s spare time, during a run or while watching a good TV Series, a rude rhyming song will pop in Clem’s head and ta-dah! We’ve got an idea for a funny running tank top or a rude design for a horse riding T-shirt! Creating the designs sometimes requires help from trusted partners who can draw and illustrate, but sometimes Clem does it on his own, and sometimes it’s a bit of a mix: an illustrator will draw a character and Clem will make it into a T-Shirt design.

Once the design is done, this is a one-man band: we’ve secured the support of on-demand T-shirt printers who have print shops all over the world and who do an amazing job of printing in high quality on comfortable T-shirts with water-based inks. They produce, pack and ship the orders on demand, which means The Offensive Shirt shop has no stock. It may take a little longer to be delivered, but this also means they’re not creating stock that will end up wasted. It also allows the company to offer the same designs on a variety of products: t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, mugs, water bottles, etc… This is fortunate, because wearing an offensive t-shirt isn’t easy and showing one’s political incorrectness isn’t as hard on a coffee mug.

Clem also created and curates the company website on his own, learning plenty of skills on the way, like creating a store with Shopify, SEO and marketing. And all of this is made with passion, because he loves rude, raunchy, offensive, inappropriate, inside-joky, T-shirts and mugs… So you can be sure you’ll find great quality products with the idea that being offensive doesn’t mean being cheap and that you can proudly wear a swear word on your chest if the design is beautifully crafted with elegant fonts and witty ideas.

Hopefully you’ll love the company’s products too and you’ll support them by ordering a rude t-shirt or an inappropriate mug!

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