Time Machine

United States, Los Angeles, CA

Time Machine was created and founded by Ryan Darton in 2004.

Main Services:

Slow Motion Photo Booth, Photo Booth, Boomerang Photo Booth, GIF Photo Booth

Time Machine

Time Machine was created and founded by Ryan Darton in 2004. At that time, the idea of slow motion “booths” was starting to trend, however, this concept included setting up a high-speed camera and bulky studio lights and putting together a 3-minute reel of slow-motion footage a week or two after the event. Ryan was determined to figure out a way to create a photo-booth-like experience with slow-motion – one that automatically edited and branded the video clips on the spot and made them instantly shareable. After tinkering with hardware and custom software development for months, he cracked the code! And thus was born, the world’s first automated slow motion photo booth! With Time Machine, guests could step in front of the beautifully hand-crafted equipment, shoot a slow-motion video clip, see it playback with visual effects, logos, and music already applied, and share their clips to social media right from the event.

Immediately, Time Machine started getting hired to help create event experiences for household brand names like DreamWorks, Disney, HBO, and the likes. From there, Time Machine has continued to innovate to offer a full palette of photo-booth experiences to their clientele. Time Machine helps weddings, mitzvahs, private parties, corporate parties, promotion events more memorable with their slow-motion photo booth, boomerang photo booth, GIF photo booth concepts.

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