Tiffany-Ann Bottcher: Business Consultant

Canada, Maple Ridge


Main Services:

Accounting, System Development, Business Optimization, Process Development, Zapier, Social Media, Management Training, Interim Executive , Change Management, Automation

Tiffany-Ann Bottcher: Business Consultant

Coaching and Consulting Reimagined.

When Life Interrupts a Perfect Life Plan.
For nearly a decade I’ve benefited from a remarkable business immersion, but my path to it couldn’t have been more unexpected. By my mid-teens I was a successful equestrian competitor with a thriving business and a bright future. When a life-altering motor vehicle accident ended it, my choice was to give up or get on with life and I directed all my ambition and passion to business.

Anchored by Formal Accounting Training.
In every business the numbers don’t lie, but also true in every business is that the numbers can only tell us part of the story. Critical insight is gained by looking inside the numbers for the rest of it to understand the processes driving the numbers, organizational and marketplace nuances. This is the 800lb. gorilla in the room: The people and technology that position companies to succeed or fail.

The Origin of My 360° Business Perspective.
My career path featured stops as a Financial Controller focusing on key data metrics and building processes to report them; Director of Operations guiding revenue growth and team performance; VP of Corporate Development, guiding acquisitions, mergers and systems development; and VP of
Finance and Technology, unleashing growth in systems, integration, automation and optimization.

Integration Elevated from Buzzword to Asset.
Perspective to see the Big Picture can’t be overvalued. Organizations too easily create silos dividing people. It’s the best worst-case example of erecting barriers rather than optimizing people to be the best they can be to make their organizations the best they can be. My answer is tailoring solutions driving return on investment. It’s accomplished not by systems or people, but systems and people.

Getting the Most from IT and Human Capital.
Optimizing the internal and external customer-employee experience is a product of IT and people. The challenge is that technology is wonderful … until it misbehaves. Here, my answer is technology built by design to serve you, not enslave you. A difference you’ll see in people given the tools they need to succeed and thrive in a culture that values them, respects them and rewards their efforts.

Consulting and Coaching – Fact and Fiction.
Consulting and Coaching may take place in a crowded, insanely competitive space, but that doesn’t excuse getting it ass-backwards. My goal is to help you and to me that means creating independence not dependence. I do it with thoughtful professional collaboration to take you higher, faster, and once there, arming you with the tools, perspective and competitive advantages to sustain success.

Online Coaching and One-on-One Consulting.
To help you I have to first understand you, and your vision. It’s why every engagement begins with conversation. From creating or refining your infrastructure, marketing, accounting, management training, personnel development or an operations review to guide strategic planning, count on the truth you need to know, not what I sense you want to hear. Real solutions, not lame excuses.

I Have One Goal: To Help You Achieve Yours.
Beginning by designing a great customer experience and creating capacity for sustainable growth with scalable processes and methodology to track and report key data points. Not just statistical metrics but revealing key issues sooner and not later. Accounting, automation, branding, social media and design working together, supporting you so that you’ll work smarter, not just harder.

What to Expect and What I Expect From You.
Transparency in process and objectives, and communication to keep you informed, not wondering. To me a promise made is a promise kept, and my promise is a determination to bring out the best in you, your team and company. I ask your courage and strength to be proactive with the wisdom and discipline to be thoughtful. This is how the success, freedom and life you envision becomes reality.

Working with Me
I offer online coaching, one on one consulting, done for you services, and done with you services.

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