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We aim to provide easy to understand, meaningful content for anyone new to crypto

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Who are we?

Our journey began in a garage, a residential one at that, where many mining rigs were running. It was warm, noisy, and produced some outrageous electricity bills, but our passion for crypto and blockchain technology meant we loved every second of it.

Despite being involved in crypto for many years, our education continues to grow and evolve as the constant stream of new initiatives built upon blockchain technology emerge day after day.

Our purpose

We aim to provide easy to understand, meaningful content for anyone new to crypto, whilst providing additional resources for those who wish to extend their current knowledge.

Much of our content is focused on answering some of the more technical aspects of crypto and blockchain technology, which can often appear confusing and complicated at first glance.

Additionally, we look to help and collaborate with like-minded people whilst considering that earning crypto or return for investment is also an important factor to many.

What we provide

We cover core topics such as mining, buying, trading, and earning crypto. We provide the ‘get you up to speed’ basics plus further content to support you on your journey into blockchain technology.

Many of our projects will be technical in nature, such as operating nodes and deeper dive projects which will be collaborative with other like-minded people from all walks of life and from all corners of the world!

– Mining Crypto
Many of you will have heard the term ‘mining’. Mining is a fun and profitable way to earn a regular income from crypto. We cover the basics of what mining is and the options on how to do it.

– Buying Crypto
Probably one of the most frequently asked questions is on how to buy crypto. The process is often still perceived as complicated and confusing to many, but we are here to tell you different! It is now probably easier, quicker, and more straightforward than ever before. Thecryptogarage will tell you everything you need to know about how to buy crypto and additionally, explain how to do this in a safe and secure way.

– Trading
Crypto trading is a term used by the traders of the modern era who use various crypto assets to buy and sell, making bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies their base. Crypto trading has become more common with the rising prices of crypto assets and uptake from enterprises. Trading can be tricky and requires knowledge and experience to become a professional trader. Thecryptogarage provides guidance and information to kick start your journey into trading and answers some of the most basic questions and terms used in this area.

– Earn Crypto
There are many ways in which you can earn Crypto, some of which require no capital or investment of assets to be rewarded. You can earn crypto through various methods. Thecyrptogarge will guide you through each option whilst ensuring the most up to date opportunities are available. You will find guidance on our key earn areas such as mining, staking, cashback rewards, learn & earn, airdrops, micro-tasks, yield farming and running nodes.

Our earn options are growing continuously and we will be sure to keep our users updated on these options.

What we do

Thecryptogarage do projects. We don’t just provide information on the ‘how’ we demonstrate the ‘do’! We like to get our hands dirty and that’s all part and parcel of the garage!

Where we have provided information and guidance on setting up and running a node, for example, it is because we have already been there and done it! This is what we do. We are incredibly passionate, and we want to share our experience.

However, it is not all about us! We wish to create a collaborative working environment and a community in which we can work together on some of our more technical projects. We want the knowledge, experience, and expertise to be shared by like-minded people all over the world.

An example of this could be the setup of node farms, where various profitable nodes are run within that farm but for the average person, who is doing so at home (or like us in the garage)! For us, crypto should be in the hands of everyone and available to all. We always strive to utilise affordable hardware and open-source software to create our projects.


Our vision for the garage resembles that of a traditional one. We need a finance department to concentrate on the buying, selling, and trading aspects of crypto. We need mechanics, who set up nodes, mine and focus on building the engines. And we need tuners, those who tinker, make things faster, better and work out how to get the most out of our engines.

Most importantly, however, are our customers. The friends who hang out with us at the Thecryptogarage, get involved and find support and guidance in making and tuning their own engines.
If we collaborate and innovate, together we can achieve great things!

Are we crazy? Not at all, we are Thecryptogarage, and we welcome anyone to join us!

We are not your average crypto site. We don’t just pump out news, we want to educate and collaborate with like-minded people. We don’t and will never provide any financial guidance on what you should buy, sell or trade. We must stress that any information we provide is not financial guidance.

We simply provide the knowledge and guidance on what’s out there.

There are plenty of other crypto sites for crypto news and recycled content, we are here for a journey but most importantly, a community-driven journey that is fun, educational and rewarding!


Not all ideas come from Thecryptogarage, if you have an idea for a project in the crypto or blockchain space then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you. We are not precious about owning everything, but we can provide the tools and workspace required to help carry out a new project and would love to get involved.

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