The Write Idea

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Are you an entrepreneur, thought leader, small business owner, or marketer?

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freelance writer, Conversion copywriting, Content marketing, Editing, Copywriting, Blogging, Thought-leadership writing, Content mentoring, Messaging, Positioning

The Write Idea

Are you an entrepreneur, thought leader, small business owner, or marketer?

Do you want to create a purposeful stream of copy that activates the know-like-trust factor and leads people to want to do business with you?

Let’s work together to:

* dig deep into the data,
* create copy that speaks to your ideal customers,
* and test and validate that the copy is good.

Whether we’re creating web content, ebooks, one-sheets, blog posts, success stories, email sequences, lead magnets, landing pages, or brochures … whatever content will best represent YOU online … we’ll do so through the dual lens of data and conversion. The copy I’ll create for you will educate prospects, answer their questions, overcome their objections, and provide evidence that YOU are uniquely positioned to bring about the transformations they seek.

BUT … cementing those conversions takes more than smooth words on the screen. It takes a smooth experience all around, from the moment a prospect first lays eyes on your brand to how they look for and find information, from how they judge your accessibility to how they click here, download there, and, finally, add to cart, request the demo, send the email, make the call.

If you work with me, you’ll discover that’s what I’m all about: creating smooth, converting copy experiences that lead more people to say YES to your offers.

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