The Trolley Track Cookie Company

United States, St. Louis

Cookies. They sit in a category all to themselves. There is usually an aisle for them in the grocery store. You rarely see them on a dessert menu.

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The Trolley Track Cookie Company

“Well, I have always loved cookies, big soft cookies! I love them for breakfast, or when I want something sweet or just a snack. The calories never count because it is just a cookie. It’s like coming home from school, having a cookie and a glass of milk to hold you over to dinner or going grandma’s, and she puts out a plate of cookies and pours a cup of tea while you sit and visit. Something is comforting about having cookies, homemade cookies (housemade)” Diane Wood owner of The Trolley Track Cookie Company.

Our love and passion for cookies started with one simple tenet: it’s just a cookie. The way we see it, the world of sweets consists of a sliding scale of sorts. On one end, you have the indulgent multi-tiered cakes and desserts delectable enough to call attention to a special occasion. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the convenient – fun-size candy and chocolate bars for when you just need a bit of sugar to get through a day. What we love about cookies is that they land perfectly in the middle while offering the best of both worlds. They’re versatile enough that you can dress them up for a special event yet simple enough that they can be enjoyed on just another Monday. They are meant to be enjoyed any time. At the same time our artisanal cookies are simple enough and made with the finest ingredients so you never have to feel guilty about enjoying or sharing a cookie throughout the day. It’s just a cookie, and it’s so much more than a cookie, all at once.

Crafting the Cookie Experience
When we bite into one of our cookies, we find ourselves home again, no matter where we are. Ultimately, we believe cookies have the power to do more than just taste great- they can also evoke an experience, tell a story, bring back a memory you may have forgotten and even create new ones. We spent more than four decades getting the recipe just right, but that doesn’t mean we overlooked what else make the experience of savoring a cookie memorable. We’ve put just as much thought and effort into assembling the packaging of each cookie we bake, so the experience of eating your first Trolley Track cookie will be an experience you won’t forget. Even more, it will be an experience that you want to share with family, friends and colleagues, so they too can share the memory of the first time they opened and enjoyed a Trolley Track Cookie. From opening the box to unwrapping each cookie, eating a Trolley Track cookie is both a sensory and gustatory experience that meant to be savored and then shared.

The Trolley Track Original Chocolate Chip cookie is big and soft. The cookie is dense but soft land took over 40 years to perfect. It is filled with lots of chocolate chips and takes hours to “dry” When these come out of the oven, they just seem to call out for an ice-cold glass of milk! I am not the only one that like to have them warm and gooey, melt. Our original packaging had foil on the logo. We had so many people putting them in the microwave that we had to reprint the bag that said “do not put in the microwave”

The name Trolley Track for our company originated from two parts, and the “tracks” are from the track like ridges on the bottom of the chocolate chip cookies. The Trolley honors St. Louis, a city where the streetcar was a primary mode of transportation around the turn of the century, coinciding with the 1904 World’s Fair.

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