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Welcome to The Tech Leader Network, world class coaching, consulting, mentoring and training for ambitious and motivated tech industry professionals creating Tech Leaders who build and inspire others.

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The Tech Leader Network

Welcome to The Tech Leader Network
Developing IT leaders that build and inspire others!

Whether your goal is personal development, career acceleration, or both, The Tech Leader Network is your catalyst for positive change. If you currently work within IT or the broader tech industry arena, then our cutting-edge programmes were developed specifically for you.

Maybe you aspire to become a future leader? Or perhaps you are currently positioned as a leader, but have your sights set on further advancement? If so, then our unique results-driven training system has been designed with you in mind. Using tools, techniques and proven processes developed over 20 years, The Tech Leader Network will educate, motivate and inspire you to perform and succeed way beyond your own expectations.

We live and breathe the IT industry! And we are passionate about successfully integrating IT people into the world of business.

Whilst being able to fulfil a technical role to a high standard, those in the IT industry frequently struggle with human skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

Most people are not born leaders. For the majority, becoming an outstanding leader requires learning and time. In addition to developing practical skills, leaders must also have great character. They need to develop an understanding of emotional intelligence and human behaviour. It’s this greater understanding that enables both established and emerging leaders to positively influence workplace culture, communication, facilitation, modelling and mentoring, to name a few. It’s these principles of development on which our unique strategy is based.

One fundamental thing that we’ve learned is that people are generally capable of achieving far more than they imagine possible. We open the door to those possibilities and guide you to achieve and perform far beyond the expectations of yourself and others.

Hi, I’m Michelle

The Founder of The Tech Leader Network

After 20+ years of heading up IT for several organisations across the globe, I decided it was time to do something meaningful for the Tech community; to sort something out that had been bugging me for years and to use my skills and knowledge to guide others to become successful.

We often hear that businesses need People, Process and Technology to be successful and while Tech folk are great at Tech and Process, we see that the development of People is left behind, or actually non-existent in most places. The Tech Leader Network is about the development of People as much as Tech and Process.

Many people ask why I would leave my own Tech Leader career to help others have successful busineses, careers and, even lives. Simple! I want to inspire and solve the problems of Tech Leaders so that they too have the successes that they dream of.

I was fed up seeing Tech Leaders really suffer from not getting the development and support they need at work,

My mission is to stop Tech leaders being setup for failure – whether that is where they are promoted and left to get on and struggle through, or whether they are going through a crucial moment in time where they need to bounce ideas, get advice or even improve their own emotional intelligence levels.

The ‘crazy goal’ of The Tech Leader Network is to provide support for 350,000 Tech Leaders worldwide, through coaching, training, and mentoring, over the next 10 years.

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