The Reinvention Mentor Ltd.

United Kingdom, London

Known as The Reinvention Mentor®, AnYes is an award-winning Life and Business Transformation Mentor.

Main Services:

90-Minute Power Sessions, Private VIP Days, One To One Mentoring, Group Programmes, Digital Courses

The Reinvention Mentor Ltd.

Known as The Reinvention Mentor®, AnYes is an award-winning Life and Business Transformation Mentor.
She helps service-based professional women, who feel trapped in their life, become emotionally and financially independent by redesigning life and business on their own terms so that they have a thriving business AND enjoy life.
She helps them:
– Clarify their vision for life and business
– Build the confidence and the mindset to turn that vision into reality
– Create (or revamp) a business that is aligned with who they are and what is important to them, thus resulting in a strong personal brand,
– Implement self-care, personal effectiveness as well as the systems and tools to ensure it is all sustainable.

The proprietary framework she uses in her work covers four steps:
– CLARIFY helps you go from confusion to clarity
– CLEAR helps you go from limitations to possibilities
– CREATE helps you go from expensive hobby to thriving business
– CONSOLIDATE helps you go from rollercoaster to stability.

She embodies the work she does. A former Senior Manager for 25 years in France who successfully reconverted into Executive Coaching at 48, she knows a thing or two about resilience and bouncing back when life throws lemons at her. At 57, she left a toxic relationship despite knowing that she would lose everything in choosing to do so. At 58 she arrived in London with just two suitcases, no income, no savings to rebuild her life.
She now runs two successful businesses and has made it her life’s mission to help women become financially and emotionally free so that, in doing so, they can become role models for more women to do the same.

What AnYes believes:
– It is never too late (or too early) to reinvent yourself
– Having a clear and strong vision and staying connected to it is the compass we need to give direction to our life.
– Embracing an abundance mindset and practising gratitude completely changes our outlook on life and on others.
– Constantly raising our awareness of self allows us to make the conscious choices that turn us into the architects of our life.
– Staying intentional and focused every single day is what gets us closer to achieving our goals.
– Vulnerability is a strength. Authorising yourself to embrace it is not always easy, but success and fulfilment can’t be reached without it.
– We can’t take care of others’ needs if we don’t take care of our own needs first.
– Meaningful financial independence can’t be achieved without emotional independence.
– Role modelling and the ripple effect are powerful change-makers.
– The word impossible says it all: I’m Possible!

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