The People Mentor

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The People Mentor evolved from the owner's experiences in the workplace. Having strategically led teams and projects, Nicola wanted to share her experiences and support Managers and Leaders to reach their best state.

Main Services:

Leadership Mentoring, Management Mentoring, Turning around Teams Performance, Difficult Conversations training and mentoring, DISC Assessments, Increasing productivity in the workplace, Eradicating waste in the workplace

The People Mentor

The People Mentor evolved from the owner’s experiences in the workplace. Having strategically led teams and projects, Nicola wanted to share her experiences and support Managers and Leaders to reach their best state.
Leadership and Managing teams can seem a very lonely place. Mentoring is Nicola’s first passion and knows from her experiences of supporting in the workplace it can make a huge difference from confidence to high performance. Those who have mentoring go further and feel in a better place.

The People Mentor believes in kindness and compassion in the workplace as it creates trust and harmony. Underneath the People Mentor lies a theme of involving employees to get the best outcomes for the business.

The Team Turnaround programme was born from Nicola’s many years of leading change and improving processes and the culture. It is a step-by-step process from identifying issues, to an action plan to the implementation of training, workshops, and mentor. These are all delivered in a bitesize manner as businesses need to be getting the biggest impact in the shortest time.

Support is given across the month through chat messaging, telephone and zoom calls. There is nothing worse than being left on your own when feeling unsure or underconfident.

Often the programme starts with setting expectations, where the business is heading and then evolves to:
• Problem-solving that works,
• Visual management
• Decision-making tools
• Understanding Processes and Identifying waste.

The last package is making difficult conversations easier.

So many conversations get left and it leaves a nasty taste when issues aren’t dealt with. Nicola works through a programme with participants to give them the confidence, tools and methods to make it move from a challenging conversation to a conversation that moves the business forward. Based on over 30 years of experience of having difficult conversations in the workplace.

Nicola studied for a level 7 Diploma in Professional consulting as well as one in Strategic leadership and management, wanting to make sure that The People Mentor was keeping to tried and tested methods, as well as keeping up to date with the latest thinking.

Therefore, if your business needs CPR –
As your business is flatlining and you’re out of ideas, then The People Mentor can help to breathe new life into your business, whether it’s coming up with new ways of working or helping you identify potential new markets for your products or services.

Or you can’t see the wood or the trees –
Things just go wrong sometimes, and you’re just too close to the situation to see exactly what the problem is. Cue the People Mentor who can look from the outside in, and objectively assess what’s going on so you have no more sleepless nights.

Or you thought you’d been there and done that, but you haven’t got the right t-shirt.
Even if you think you’ve dealt with just about every situation in your business, something always comes along and blindsides you. Rather than getting stressed or trying to muddle through, hiring The People Mentor is your best bet. I have seen most things and I’ll have expertise and experience you can learn from.

Or like a football manager whose team has lost 5 games in a row, you need results.
Ultimately, you’re paying The People Mentor to get you results, whether it’s helping you navigate change, deal with people issues, or revise your processes. I come in, find out what your goals and/or problems are, then work with you to create a plan of action for a healthier, more successful business.

Or you don’t want to air your dirty laundry
The People Mentor knows that coming into your business is a big deal for you and they’ll be privy to sensitive information, and rest assured, I’ll always keep it confidential. The thing is if you just leave the business as it is, what will ever change unless you take action? And where could it lead if you don’t get the support you need? Employment tribunals, high sick absence staff turnover, grievances and more. All taking time out of the business and affecting the reputation of the business.

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