The Partner Visa Academy


The Partner Visa Academy is a revolutionary online platform designed to empower couples with the essential knowledge and tools needed to independently lodge their Australian Partner Visa, bypassing the need for expensive migration lawyers or migration agents.

Main Services:

Immigration advice, Australian Partner Visa Support, Registered Migration Agent , Migration Lawyer

The Partner Visa Academy

Founded by Emma Drynan [MARN 0960361] in 2017 our academy was born out of a pressing need to counter the rising costs and complexities associated with the Partner visa application process. As government fees continue to escalate each year, it has become increasingly difficult for many couples to afford professional help. The Partner Visa Academy stands as an accessible, cost-effective alternative to traditional migration lawyer services.

The Partner Visa Academy offers more than just lessons; it’s an interactive learning adventure. Our platform features engaging video tutorials, practical downloadable checklists, and real-life examples, providing a well-rounded educational experience. Weekly facebook live Q&A sessions further enrich this experience, offering direct access to our experts for personalised queries and fostering a sense of community among enrolled couples in our exclusive, members only Facebook group.

Emma vision for the academy was not just to educate but to empower couples to take control of their visa application journey. The success stories and testimonials from our graduates stand as a testament to the effectiveness of our approach and the positive impact we have had in making dreams come true for couples across the globe.

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