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The Mass Apothecary CBD Store is a 5 Star Luxury CBD Store that caters to people of all need

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The Mass Apothecary | CBD Store – CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, & More

The Mass Apothecary CBD Store is a 5 Star Luxury CBD Store that caters to people of all needs. We specialize in not only helping you find the right CBD products for your specific needs but also helping you every step of the way with serving sizes and how frequent to use. This has made us one of the top CBD stores in New England with all 5 Star reviews and many people helped!

We founded The Mass Apothecary CBD Store on July 9, 2019. It all started because of my fiancé having really bad body pain back in 2018. Nothing seemed to work, so we started looking into natural methods of helping with her pains. I had read a lot about CBD and all its great benefits, so I decided to get some CBD cream for my fiancé. I started by going to some local stores that sell CBD. I went in with the basic questions (Does it get me high? What works best? What’s the difference between full-spectrum CBD and isolate CBD?…etc.). I quickly found that local CBD stores had no good information about CBD, so I then ventured to buy CBD online. Every CBD website seemed the same, so I just bought a random CBD cream. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I was very confused as I had heard so many people state that CBD works. After doing more research, I found out that not all CBD is the same and that I should have made sure that I purchased a CBD product that was 3rd party lab tested. Finally, after trying several CBD products, I got one that worked great for my fiancé. She continued to use CBD cream for her body pain, and we starting thinking about why not use other CBD products for their many potential benefits. We both started using CBD oil tinctures for everyday overall health benefits very much satisfied with the results.

Fast forward to January 2019. We decided to start our own CBD store that would make it so people didn’t have to go through what I did when wanting to purchase CBD products. First and foremost, we started off by personally testing CBD products from over 400 different CBD brands. After finding which brands offered the highest-quality CBD products, we chose only those to carry for sale. At The Mass Apothecary, we took all the frustration and time needed to find high-quality CBD products out of the equation for our customers. You can shop at ease knowing that not only have we personally tried every CBD product we sell to make sure they are of the highest quality, but we have 3rd party lab certificates of analysis for all the CBD products we sell and have our Best Price and Money Back Guarantees. All of this combined makes The Mass Apothecary the best choice for purchasing CBD products.

We didn’t just stop at carrying the highest quality CBD products for the best prices though. We like to actually get to know our customers as well as educate them about CBD overall. Product transparency and being educated on what you’re buying are the most important aspects when purchasing CBD products.

In the end, we save our customers lots of time and money by only selling the best brands for the cheapest prices while educating you about CBD and the different products available.

For purchasing CBD products, The Mass Apothecary is your one-stop-shop. We carry multiple well-known, high-quality brands and an assortment of different types of CBD products. Some of the products we offer but aren’t limited to are CBD oil tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD topicals, CBD vape products, CBD capsules, pet CBD products, health & beauty CBD, CBD edibles, and so much more.

Come by our home office, visit us online, or give us a call (774-301-6135). We are always happy to meet new people and answer any and all questions you might have!

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