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Have you checked how your cat eats? She might be struggling with some not-for-cats bowls, or she eats too fast? Let us help you find the best cat bowls possible!

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The KittyCat’s Den

Have you checked how your cat eats? She might be struggling with some not-for-cats bowls, or she eats too fast? Let us help you find the best cat bowls possible!

At, you’ll find many cat feeders like cat food and water bowls for eating and drinking, automatic cat feeders and water dispensers, electronic and non-electronic cat feeders. We also offer slow-eating cat bowls for preventing obesity, choking, and for mental stimulation. All of our bowls are dishwasher safe, easy to disassemble and clean.

The owner of is a big cat lover! He grew up with one beautiful white cat called Snow White. He always looked at her as his own sister. They were eating, sleeping, and living together for 17 years. He still remembers her cute pink paws and nose. Since Snow White passed away, he’s still looking for his new soulmate from the cat world. In the meantime, he’s looking after the city cats around him. The owner’s city is famous for its street cats. The cats here are not sick or dirty. There’s always someone taking care of them, feeding them, petting them. And the cats always respond with a cute meow when they see a familiar face.

In 2021 the owner of decided to enter the online market with his own cat supplies store. He enjoys talking with his clients and providing the best delivery and customer service possible. He looks at his clients as friends because they both love these tiny fluffy animals called cats and kittens. And a friend will never be left behind. This is a small business created by one person with passion. He also has his friends and business partners to help him in his adventure. The owner always finds the most practical, exciting, and beautiful cat goods to offer on his online store. And people love the products: they share their good experiences on social networks.

The owner’s great passion also helps him find what cat people really look for, and then he offers his clients even better products than what they can find elsewhere. And the products on cannot be found in the local stores, making this online store one of the best places to look for unique products.

With, you get reasonable fast delivery, excellent customer service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Let’s talk about our stainless steel cat bowls. Some people prefer plastic bowls, and some prefer ceramic bowls. But, stainless steel is always the best bet when you don’t know what material to choose from. Fewer scratches, no bacteria, ease of cleaning are some of the benefits of stainless steel food bowls.

Do you know that your cat can also benefit from elevated cat food bowls? When your cat’s bowl is raised enough and also 15 degrees tilted, it makes it easy for your little one to keep her head in a better position when eating. This helps your kitty with swallowing and prevents pressure on her spine. Try it, see if your cat improves her eating habits after a few weeks. If not, you can always contact us for feedback. also offers plastic and ceramic food and water bowls in different sizes and colors. Some people order every color of a specific cat bowl. This is how much they like what we offer!

We also offer cat bowls with a non-slip bottom, rubber strips, and plastic legs for people who will put the bowls on a smooth surface and need this feature. We also have non-slip mats to put your existing bowls or litter boxes.

As mentioned above, we have automatic cat feeders. Some non-electronic feeders work with the help of gravity. When your cat finishes her meal, new food is moved from a container to her bowl automatically. If the feeder also has a water container, the same works for water as well. There are also electronic feeders with timers and a screen, easy to set up and use. Just add food and water to their containers. Other electronic feeders also produce sound. Some even come with a camera and a speaker. This way, you can check on your little one remotely and speak to her. As another option, some electronic feeders come with an internal microphone to record your voice. So when you want your cat to hear a familiar voice calling her to eat and drink, this type of feeder is for you!

Besides cat food and water bowls, we also offer cat toys! Every cat needs entertainment just like its owner. And not every toy is suitable for every cat out there. Some cats are quickly bored by some toys, and they leave them after just five minutes of playing. You want your cat to get fun when you are at work. Automatic electronic toys will help here. They have timers and different movements, which will keep your cat entertained for hours! And for when you want to play with your cat together, we have toys that will give you both a great time! Check them in our toy collection. Use the contact form on the website to suggest or request even more products!

Let’s not forget that your furry friends need a place to sleep! We offer cat beds for all seasons. Portable, foldable, soft, cozy, and warm cat beds. Beds with removable mattresses. Cat tents, caves, and houses. Plush cat beds and sleeping mats.

We look forward to adding more and more exciting and practical products to Cat trees and scratchers are some of the product types that we’re going to add soon. We will add more cat bowls, automatic feeders, toys, and beds regularly. We are going to add a cat product from every category to our online store. Bookmark our website and come back often to not miss a new product or a great discount!

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