The Grate Litter Box

United States, Silverthorne

We are an independent, family-run business located in the mountains of Colorado.

Main Services:

pet supplies, cat litter box, litter box, enclosed litter box, standard litter box

The Grate Litter Box

After adopting three cats from our local animal shelter, we had an overwhelming mess of litter tracked throughout our house. We tried every product on the market that claimed to reduce litter scatter but nothing did the trick. We set out to work in our garage designing what would become The Grate Litter Box. Not only does it reduces litter tracking by more than 90%, keeping your home cleaner, it has numerous other features that make life so much easier when it comes to caring for our feline friends and their litter box needs. It has a low-profile entry to make it easily accessible for cats of all ages and abilities, seamless walls prevent urine leaks, dividing interior walls deter dogs from accessing the litter area and “snacking” on those treats, a hook is provided to hang your scoop inside the box, there is a filter housing with two filters included to prevent odors, and shipping is free in the contiguous United States. US Patent No. 11,026,396.

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