The Ebor Jetworks

United Kingdom, Whitby

Welcome to The Ebor Jetworks. A unique family business, specializing in all things about Britains famous unique gemsone, Whitby Jet.

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The Ebor Jetworks

From sourcing the raw material, through the crafting and manufacture processes of each piece, to the face to face selling of the finished jewellery to the public, we personally are involved at every stage.
With a history of over 5500 years, Whitby Jet certainly has many stories, folklore and traditions associated with it and we love to share our discoveries and knowledge with our visitors, both in store and on-line via our website and blog and are proud to continue the tradional methods working this ancient material in the famous historic town of Whitby.
A large part of what makes us different is our research into the material. Our founder, Sarah,as well as being the creative driver and senior is a graduate geologist, a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Greta Britain, a Senior Accredited Gemmologist with the AGA, a specialist for the Jewellery Valiuers Association, Curator of archeaology at Whitby museum and is currently studying at Durham university for an Archeology Phd, unsurprisingly revolving around the identification and historic uses of Whitby Jet.
Our business was born from Sarahs facination with Whitby Jet from a young age and is now a multi generational concern with our close knit family and team equally as dedicated to crafting and promoting this famous material.
Our physical retail shop and workshop housed in a beautiful 17th century former fishermans cottage in the heart of the historic eastside of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast .Appropriately enough, it was once the home of a talented Jet worker during the heyday of the Victorian era when Whitby Jet was the must have accessory to own as part of the strict etiquette of mourning with which the victorians are so well known for.
The online presence of the business has proven an invaluable addition over the years and the website serves as an extra and global retail outlet as well as an information site for all things Whitby Jet and a ‘find us’ guide when people are wanting to visit the shop in person.
Shopping on line is straight forward and customers certainly seem to lappreciate the ease that which our jewellery can be browsed by category and purchased securely.
Our jewellery collections have evolved over the years too, to include other gemstones, decorative stones and materials. We like design pieces of jewellery which show Whitby Jet in different ways often contrasting the colour and textures of different materials with the smooth, deep ,intense black finish of the Jet. Our range of materials includes , Amber, Blue John, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli , Cornish Serpentine, Derbyshire Oakstone, Borrowdale slate and Stichtite, all of which are natural materials. We also use a variety of upcycled industrial “Gem materials, such as Fordite ( formed from layers of upcycled car spay paint from the now defunct Detroit manufacturing plants), Surfite ( similar idea but surplus surfboard resin) and Bowlerite, made from the outer shells of vintage ten pin bowling balls.
Our latest material is syntheic opal , sometimes reffered to as ‘lab opal’ which is very popular and gives a stunning array of colours to contast with the Whitby Jet.

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