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The Copy Bear is a liberal and progressive copywriting

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Content writing, copywriting, UX, social media

The Copy Bear

The Copy Bear is a liberal and progressive copywriting, content, UX and social media agency, led by Paul Connolly, a former editor/writer for The Times, Reuters and Metro. Ethical copywriting for liberal brands is our niche.

The Copy Bear has a team of passionate, whip-smart writers who have written – and are writing – for publications as diverse as The Times, The Economist, Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Guardian, New Internationalist, The Lancet, The Independent, Al Jazeera, New Statesman, Vice, Reuters, National Observer and OZY.

They are engaged, savvy and direct and they are ALL motivated by a desire to make the world a better place. They’ll drive right to the core of what a customer’s prospects, or tribe, is interested in and enthuse them about the client’s mission.

With our content we help clients engage with their customers, building trust and developing their brand. As well as establishing their liberal credentials, we help clients help their customers and potential customers.

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