The Copper Bell

Canada, Guelph

Gift with as much humour

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The Copper Bell

The Copper Bell serves funny women who want a gift with as much humour as they have. Unique scents, high quality ingredients, and funny names combine to make the perfect candle. There’s always something in season to keep your home cozy and fresh.
One unique offering is our layered candle collection. These candles are poured in 4 different layers with 2 alternating scents. As the candle burns the scents slowly melt into each other to give you a new experience every time. Choose from your favourite sassy or sweet label like ‘Good Job Handling the Bullshit’ or ‘You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie’. These popular gift choices always sell out!
Founder Katrina used to suffer from bad side effects to paraffin candles like headaches and nausea. Many customers with the same issue have no problem with Copper Bell candles! Using better ingredients (like organic soy wax and fragrances free from phthalates and parabens), these candles are guaranteed to give you a pain-free burn. If you run into issues we will gladly refund or swap your product for something else.

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