The Cocktail Shop


Shake up happy hour at home with innovative cocktail kits.

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The Cocktail Shop

Shake up happy hour at home with innovative cocktail kits.

Happy hour at home has become infinitely easier and a whole lot more fun thanks to innovative cocktail making kits.

The Cocktail Shop offers several cocktail kits, complete with ingredients and garnishes, to help people master the art of mixing drinks.

The beauty of the cocktail kit is that it takes the hassle out of making a fancy drink. Gone are the days when you needed to stock multiple bottles of expensive alcohol and a host of unusual ingredients in your pantry to make a single cocktail.

Cocktail kits come complete with all ingredients, including alcohol and mixers, as well as any required garnishes, and a recipe card. They even have a QR code to an online demo to ensure the perfect cocktail every time.

Cocktail kits from The Cocktail Shop have become popular with colleagues working from home who engage in virtual drinks on Zoom for team building. The cocktail making kits have allowed corporate teams to shake up their socialising online with companies having the cocktails delivered Australia-wide for virtual events.

Cocktails ordered online have also become the go-to gift for family and friends unable to catch up in person for birthday celebrations. The cocktail kits offer a fun and memorable activity for people, with kits making up to four cocktails.

The Cocktail Shop offers a range of classic and modern cocktails in a kit including a Negroni, a Martini, an Old Fashioned, an Americano and a Grapefruit Spritz.

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