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The world of flower bulbs is vast. Gigantic.

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Quality flowerbulbs, direct from the fsrmers, Shop with high quality 100%Dutch flowerbulbs

The Bulb Farmers

The new world of flower bulbs

So vast that the key players – the flower bulb enthusiasts on one side and the growers on the other – have actually grown far apart. A whole world is lost this way. The allure of the flower bulb and the true power of centuries-old traditions are becoming less and less noticeable and visible. Yet it is important to “stand on the shoulders of giants.” To build on all the extraordinary things that Dutch growers have done over the centuries. The experiences and knowledge they have acquired. Seeing a flowering flower and knowing exactly how healthy the bulb or tuber is. Having the earth in their hands and feeling that it is just moist enough. Knowing what to do for the world’s most beautiful flowers. These are the secrets of the bulb fields, hidden in the minds and hands of the growers. All the special things that make planting and caring for flower bulbs even more enjoyable and easier, for you. Things that can only be learned from the growers themselves – our heroes of the bulb fields.

For the growers, it is equally important to connect with flower bulb enthusiasts. To understand which flower bulbs – in whatever colors, shapes, or heights – they really want. To complement what they want in their garden and home, with the products and knowledge they have to offer. Continuing to innovate and offer world-class products cannot be done remotely. Call it mutual dependence. We need each other. We do it together.

The Bulb Farmers

We, the “digital growers” of The Bulb Farmers, contribute to this with an online, industry-wide platform for all growers, their products, and knowledge. We see it as our mission to show the world this platform, in all the colors that exist. To tell the story of Dutch growers to flower bulb enthusiasts worldwide. And to do all of this in the most sustainable and fair ways possible. This way, we can continue to build the new, colorful world.

That’s why we join hands with growers. With the main goal of making planting flower bulbs more fun and easier. To bring the world of flower bulbs closer to you.

Welcome to the new world of flower bulbs.

Nice to meet you! This is who we are.

The Bulb Farmers is a Dutch online shop for the best Dutch flower bulbs, with growers as the flagship and heart of our brand. Our goal is to make the world of flower bulbs more accessible. Together with growers, we make planting flower bulbs fun and easy for everyone.

When you buy from us, you get more than an excellent flower bulb. You get to know the best Dutch growers and their story, can choose from all their exclusive collections, and learn to grow with the confidence of a grower, with the garden instructions and tips from the growers themselves. You will also receive the garden instructions and tips by email, exactly when you need to do something. This way, you can be sure that nothing goes wrong and that you can enjoy the most beautiful flowers in just a few months, right in your own garden. Making you enjoy a blooming garden without worries – that’s what we do it for. Together we grow further.

Fresh bulbs from growers

All flower bulbs are delivered fresh from the growers to your home or location. The only stop they make is with our packer, farmer Matthijs. Always guaranteed to be of the highest quality and from the best certified Dutch top growers.

Suitable bulb sizes

All flower bulbs are pre-selected by growers for bulb sizes that work best in your garden. “Huh … bulb sizes?” Yes, bulb sizes. All flower bulbs come in different sizes. Just like clothes. Growers know which sizes work best in your garden, and that’s exactly what they offer you.

The farmers

We are currently working together with 8 top farmers, which allows us to have a wide and representative assortment of spring and summer blooming flowers. The number of growers we work with grows every year.

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