That One Web Guy

United States, Terre Haute

I’ve been building websites for over 25 years now starting out in direct response and data driven websites.

Main Services:

Web design , web development , SEO , Graphic Design , Direct Response , Marekting , Social Media Management , Coaching , Speaking , Teaching

That One Web Guy

The biggest thing that sets me apart is that I’m more than just an average “web guy”. I’ve been building websites for over 25 years now starting out in direct response and data driven websites.

That means I’ve learned SEO, html, PHP back when you had to figure things out on your own. There weren’t all of the resources there are today with website builders plugins and such. That being said I’ve kept up to date with new technology and trends. I’ve built, or have built my own WordPress plugins that I market online.

I’ve created my online SAAS services as well as helped others with their online software. Being a serial entrepreneur helps me coach other companies, small businesses, and individuals get more out of their online presence. Add to the fact that I’ve spoken on several stages and written several books on the subject. I feel it makes me more diverse than the average web guy.

Not only do I know the coding side of the web I’ve also been a graphic artist most of my life. My college degree is related to drafting and AutoCAD. I spent many years in technical illustration, desktop publishing, and course creation. Graphics and photography is one of the biggest reasons I started building websites in the first place and found out I have a love for marketing, marketing strategies, conversion, and what makes people want to click.

For the past 30 years I’ve also been a network consultant and network administrator. 20 of those years with my own firm. I still do some network consulting and computer repair as needed. I have my own hosting company and manage servers for several online marketers as well as my own servers. I’ve completed training for Microsoft Systems Engineer, Novell, as well as other testing certifications. Most web servers over the years are linux based operating systems and I’ve been able to support those as well for more than 20 years.

I feel that my knowledge and experience makes me unique since I understand websites from all aspects. What it takes to host them, build them, design them, and what makes them get the conversion and sales we all seek.

Having the background that I do I’ve provided hundreds of hours of training for just about all areas of the aforementioned topics as well. Building my YouTube Channel, as well as my own members area as well as providing training for customers and clients. Being able to speak on these topics has allowed me to interview and be interviewed in various subjects. I’ve also been asked to provide training and webinars for other companies staff, employees and membership groups. I enjoy helping others learn how to be self reliant if they so choose or at least have a better understanding of what they need to know to help speak to those they hire to get the right person they need for the job.

Over the past twenty-five years I have helped at live events both on stage, behind stage, and back of the room sales. I understand what is needed to make things work, get more sales and most aspects of event management. I’ve spoken along some of the biggest names in the marketing industry.

Of all of the abilities that I’ve acquired I feel that it has made me a well rounded person. I’ve worked with people just getting started in business as well as Millionaires that have hired me to help with their online presence and services. I was raised to treat everyone no matter their walk of life with the same respect. My strong beliefs and faith have helped keep me humble and appreciative of the opportunities I’ve been given and feel it is my duty to make sure I give it my all no matter the task at hand. Whether it is showing someone how to send an email to setting up an email server with all of the needed settings to get that email delivered properly.

As you can imagine in those 25+ years online I have worked with customers in about every field. Authors, coaches, celebrities, teachers, construction, home builders, body builders, vitamin reseller’s etc. The list goes on and on. I’ve lost count of the number of websites and online projects I have worked on during my time online. I’m always looking for the next challenge and always willing to learn the next thing to keep me relevant with this ever changing media.

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