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Love to introduce fellow travelers to the best tapas and drinks that Andalusia has to offer

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Taste Marbella

My name is Manuel Delgado Co-Founder of Taste Marbella, I am an adventurer and self-proclaimed foodie who have travel extensively, I just love to introduce fellow travelers to the best tapas and drinks that Andalusia has to offer while sharing stories about the origin of tapas, the produce, the wine and the history that make each place unique.

At Taste Marbella we believe that travel is about immersing yourself in local culture. We are a local company founded by a local foodie enthusiast and an award-winning chef.

Embrace your inner foodie! Indulge in an eclectic array of traditional Andalusian tapas and wine on this insider’s food adventure in Marbella’s historic district.

Hidden in the narrow winding alleyways of the picturesque old town you will discover the oldest tavern in Marbella and two tapas bars that the locals love, but are lesser known by tourists.

Take in the atmosphere of these traditional establishments while enjoying some tasty tapas paired with delicious local wines, all carefully curated by our local experts.

learn about the history of the taverns, the dishes that you are tasting, and the fascinating story about how Marbella went from a sleepy fishing village to a luxury beach resort almost overnight!

Treat yourself to an insider tour of Marbella’s best and most local tapas bars and taverns, make new friends, have a laugh, and gain true culinary insight into the famous Spanish tapas food culture. Because a dish always tastes better when you know its story.

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