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I host a mentorship program called the Tantric Man Experience

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The Tantric Man Experience Online Mentorship Program

Tantric Academy or The Tantric Man Experience

I am the founder of the Tantric Academy. Here at the academy, I host a mentorship program called the Tantric Man Experience. Through this program, I strive to empower men to realize and tap into their full masculine confidence, intimate power, and their ability to connect with themselves and their partners on a deeper level than ever before. Throughout my years of experience in hosting this mentorship, I have helped hundreds of men from all around the world to master their masculine life force energy to save their relationship or attract their dream partner.

I started this company in 2016 and it has expanded and doubled in growth every year since. During Covid I have thrived more than ever, it seems like more marriages and relationships are in need of help now than ever. Especially when we are in lockdown and stepping on each other’s toes. All the issues will surface and have to be dealt with. That’s why the term Covid breakups were coined.

But that also goes for the singles, they might be even more lonely than ever and want to find a meaningful relationship to share life with and intimate and beautiful moments with.

It’s so regarding to hear stories success stories like these from last week:

“The biggest win of the whole program is that my wife and I decided to stay together. I am moving back into our home and we are going to live together as a family. This was the biggest reason for joining the program. I have found that the relationship with my wife is stronger. I don’t get triggered anymore due to childhood trauma. And we’re more attracted to each other, the sex has been amazing.”

This is why I LOVE doing the work I do. It doesn’t feel like work. It’s a passion project. I have so much energy and fire to fuel this project with and expand this precious work around the globe.

My mission is to spread a sacred sexual revolution in the mainstream world. I want men to reclaim their sexual sovereignty with integrity and vulnerability. To become what I call integrated heart warriors. Which have access to the full spectrum of what it means of being a man. Both are strong in their presence and confidence, but also a developed emotional intelligence and embodiment. From here they will lead their women, children, family, and the world into more love and consciousness. They will save their marriages from the brink of divorce, or finally call in a soulmate relationship.

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"It's a done for your SEO service. I am excited to see where this can take my business and reach more men in need. Saving one man at a time with the help of Diib :)"

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