TalkBox Booth

United States, Boulder, Colorado

TalkBox is the pioneer of modern privacy booths in the USA

Main Services:

TalkBox SLIDE Booth , TalkBox FOLD Booth , Germicidal UVC lighting , HEPA air filtration , Monitor & laptop mounts , Custom graphics wraps , Tele-Health booth add-ons , Quick Ship option , Installation services available , Excellent sound privacy

TalkBox Booth

TalkBox is the pioneer of modern privacy booths in the USA. They offer excellent sound privacy and are perfect for open-office environments, public spaces, or really any noisy area. Two of TalkBox’s models are the SLIDE and the FOLD.

The TalkBox SLIDE is the privacy phone booth that changed the industry. Its sliding door design avoids blocking hallways while providing full front-to-back soundproofing. While inside the booth, users enjoy a premium experience with many comfort features including ventilation, natural lighting as well as complete power and networking connections. Great for long work sessions or just a quick phone conversation, the booth blocks distractions so you can focus. The SLIDE is also highly customizable with germicidal UVC lighting, HEPA air filtration, monitor & laptop mounts, privacy glass door, custom graphics wrap, and more!

The TalkBox FOLD is a commercial-grade privacy booth that has an optional fold-away bench and raising desk for sit or stand options. The folding door maximizes access while not taking up valuable office space. Great for open floor plans, tight office spaces, or public areas, the TalkBox FOLD booth is built for heavy use with its steel construction and easily cleanable surfaces. The plush seat and backrest provide comfort while efficiently utilizing the space to make it feel bigger than the dimensions look. The FOLD has a large desk as well as a backsplash holder to hold your phone or tablet for video calls.

Driving employee productivity and satisfaction with the best quality and value in office privacy pods. And rest assured knowing that TalkBox stands behind their booths offering hands-on customer service.

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