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TakesShots invented a brand new way to take shots. Our patented shot straw, or the "Take", is a straw that securely holds liquid inside of it without spilling.

Main Services:

Shots Straw, Carrying Case, Insulated Bottle,Pour Spout


Simply fill up the straw with your favorite shots, drop them in a drink and suck! The Take provides seamless transition from shot to chaser, eliminating shot burn. The Take is reusable and dishwasher safe so it can be used over and over again. It’s also made from BPA free Tritan material so its safe and durable enough to last through the wildest parties, and the chillest nights.

Want to take shots on the go? The straw is leakproof! Simply fill them up, secure the top cap and throw them in your cooler or in one of our Cases! The Cases securely hold your takes and are the perfect way to bring your shots with you. Our Cases come in different sized and hold 2, 5 or 10 Takes. Depending on the event, bring what you plan to drink!

We also have an insulated chaser bottle called The Case! TakeShots’ 16oz stainless steel Blackout Chaser bottle keeps your chaser cold for up to 12 hours. The Chase has a leakproof lid that flips open and perfectly fits the Take in the opening. Perfect for juice, soda, or whatever you use to Chase shots. And yes, its carbonation proof! So fill it up and TakeShots with your favorite shots and chasers. After you’ve taken your shot, you can leave the Take in and use it just like a straw lid bottle, or take it out and use the spout lid!

Takeshots is making taking shots easier, more enjoyable, and downright fun. We are committed to providing eco friendly solutions to replace shooters, and reduce broken glass in our world.

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