Tagging for Windows

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Tagging is directly available in the Windows File Explorer. Use the Windows File Explorer as before, with tagging included.

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Tagging for Windows

The software is available for free, on a monthly renewal basis, or for an amount of 6 Euro per month, based on automatic renewal.
In a couple of years thousands of people and businesses worldwide adopted Tagging for Windows.
Coming soon: Cloud and LAN support. Without any additional installation effort you will be able to share tags and synchronize them via Cloud Services like Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive, etc. It is also possible to share and synchronize tags using your LAN.
Tagging helps you to find your files and folders easier and faster. When files or folders are tagged, it is a way to get to them regardless of their location. No need to remember the exact location, just tag it with one or more tags that apply. From that moment on, you can use one of the tags to navigate to the file or folder.
Tagging for Windows allows you to tag any type of file and folders. Nothing has to be configured after installing it. You can start tagging all files and folders right away. You never ever will have to think about it again. If a new type of file is introduced on your system, it also can be tagged from start.
With Tagging for Windows tags can be linked to multiple files and folders and, of course, files and folders can have more then one tag. When a tag is linked to a lot of files, finding that one special file becomes relatively hard again. A combination of tags can make the difference in such a case.
Combinations of tags allows you, for instance, to compose a collection of files linked with two tags. If such a collection is still to large, you can add another tag to include. It is also possible to do the opposite. A tag can be set to be excluded as well. In that case, the resulting collection of files will not have any file with that tag. The combinations of tags are called Smart View. Smart views can be composed adding the required tags. Each unique combination of tags can be set to be included or excluded (or ignored). The resulting collection of files is shown in the Folder View. Within the Folder View files can be previewed. This can enable you to confirm that one special file is found.
Tagging for Windows allows you to tag any file or folder without changing the name, location or content of a file or folder. This means you can keep the name and location as you like. It does not seem if the file was modified at some point in time just because of the tagging. If the file is tagged, nothing is changed. This automatically means that if the file is untagged, nothing about being tagged at some point in time can be seen afterwards.
Tagging for Windows adds tagging to the Windows File Explorer. The tags will become an integral part of the Windows File Explorer. By using Tagging for Windows you can now tag any file and folder you want, with no exception.

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