United States, Santa Fe

Kate Henke Art offers original fine art for home decoration or interior design to enhance and enrich a home or living space with rich beauty, color in 2 dimensional form of visual art.

Main Services:

original art, paintings, wall art, greeting cards, limited edition prints, oil and cold wax medium, acrylic painting, fine art, landscape, still life


Each painting is unique as it’s a process-oriented expression, commonly called intuitive art making or soul painting. Intuitive painting is an artistic expression of an inner knowledge sometimes from the unseen world which could come from the unconscious, from poetry, dreams, inspiration, it’s an evolutionary process by which the artist listens deeply to find what is being asked to allow a painting to emerge. It requires a sensitivity and responsiveness to the medium, form and composition so the soul of the painting can shine forth. Paintings are oil with cold wax medium or acrylic. Sometimes abstract or representational, landscape, still life, portrait or figurative. Each painting has a life of its own and is intended to evoke an involvement and response from the viewer.

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