Studio A7

Poland, Gdańsk

Studio A7 is a creative SEM/SEO/SXO agency from Gdańsk, Poland with passion-driven team of specialists in modern marketing, supporting small and large companies to effectively market their products and services to their target customers.

Main Services:

SEM, SEO, SXO, Website design, Local SEO, Ecommerce, Web shops design, Content marketing, Social marketing, Branding

Studio A7

We help startups and really small companies build strong branding from scratch, starting form creating unique logo to became leaders in their niche.


Do you want to break through the competition and acquire customers through the most effective advertising channel today – the Internet? Wondering how did your competitors get high positions in Google?

You have come to the right place! You need an effective tool to reach real interested customers, and such a tool is positioning (also known as SEO), including local positioning, that is, within a particular locality or area.

Behind the tremendous power of positioning (SEO) is the fact that we immediately reach the right customers – those who have typed in a key phrase directly related to your business. This could be a phrase meaning a service such as “car service Bydgoszcz” or “dentist Krakow” or a specific product such as “red dress size XL.” The important thing is that it is the customer who is looking for you and not you who is looking for him – you just let yourself be found.


Of course, positioning is not a magic pill. You need to take care of and improve your website, add valuable content, and most importantly, work with a company that specializes in SEO and has real knowledge and skills and a lot about what works and what doesn’t. This is where Studio A7 comes to your aid. We’ve been specializing in website development, online advertising and, most importantly, SEO and SEO services for 10 years.

Check us out. Below you can find list of actions we take in our typical SEO service:

Positioning local key phrases
Positioning nationwide phrases
Daily measurement of key phrases
Local SEO / taking care of Google places (Google My Business)
SEO technical audit
Technical optimization of the website
Optimization of website content
Optimization of page load time
Google Search Console maintenance
(Analysis and implementation of corrections for webmasters)
Link building based on high quality company directories / industry directories
Link building / creation of profiles in social media (if there are none)
Link building / creationof company profiles on industry portals
Link building / creation of mini – blogs / 2.0 type platforms
Publication of advertisements with the client’s offer
NAP implementing
Publication of press releases (if any)
Support in soliciting feedback / reviews
Elements of content marketing
Reporting on key phrase positions

and many more.


You will find, among other things: design and creation of modern, minimalistic and responsive websites, as well as complex online stores (and taking care of them, maintaining domains, hosting, etc.), SEO aduits, optimization and really complex link building for small and large websites (local SEO, longtail SEO, SEO for difficult keywords), content marketing, Google Ads campaigns, social marketing (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), photography and videomaking only for companies, branding and creation of visual identity from scratch, as well as many other services related to Internet and classical marketing.

It’s worth to say that today marketing strategy must include really good understanding of your ideal customer (persona), but it’s sometimes impossible to get results using only one marketing channel or way. The more holistic approach combining eg. social media, SEO, Google Ads, email marketing is more and more neccessity, to be honest.

You can find a detailed offer on Studio A7 agency’s website, where can you find a lot of content dedicated for better understanding trends in modern Internet marketing. Strictly focused on getting things done and fulfilling strategic goals, team of Studio A7 is never ready to drop new opportunities.

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