Strong mobility


I coach executives and leaders to get back in shape.

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Strength coaching , Movement quality and flexibility coaching , Nutrition coaching , Breathing coaching , Fitness coaching , General physical preparation , Kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training specialist

Strong mobility

I coach executives and leaders to get back in shape.

My typical student is a leader or a high level executive of a SME. He has lot of responsibilities, more stress than he likes, a family with whom to spend time, and not much time.
Actually, the last things he wants is to spend all of his time working out at the gym!

As a long time management consultant, with tons of time and energy-consuming projects to lead, I understand their problem first-hand.

This is why my coaching is focused on long-lasting results than gives more energy that it takes, in as little training time as possible.
For this, we apply my Strong mobility 5-3-4 system:
– 5 inter-related aspects of fitness. Strength, movement quality, nutrition, breathing and endurance.
– 3 dimensions of an effective training.
Depth, because first comes quality, which ensure effectiveness and safety of the training.
Width, because we are mostly training the qualities that provides most return. This is the minimum effective dose, following the pareto 80-20 principle.
Length, as we aim as long-lasting results, not short-term feats. Training should be about duration and longevity, not exhausting workouts.
– 4 phases. There is a progression to follow, starting from basics to more advanced (if needed).

My system is principle-based. It means that it adapts itself to preferences and constraints of my students. They can use kettlebells, barbells or just their bodyweight, no material at all. They can favor one quality over another, as long as they master the basics. One can be a runner, a lifter, or just a hiker. As long as we follow the principles, every body finds what suits him.

Ultimately, the goal is not to do feats, but to be able to go hiking in the mountain with your children when you are older, or to be able to play football on the beach with them. Without fearing to be exhausted or hurt.

I hold a ACE-PT personal trainer certification (NCCA and EREPS approved), StrongFirst certifications (kettlebell SFG, barbell SFL, bodywaight SFB), FMS2 and Flexible steel level 2 for movement quality, Precision nutrition level for nutrition, and Oxygen advantage advanced certified instructor and Buteyko practitionner for breathing.
I teach online and in-person. In French, English, Czech, Slovak or Spanish.

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