Stoic Dreams

United States, Jackson, TN

Over a decade ago, Erik Gassler created Stoic Dreams with the thought of launching his first game on the Xbox 360.

Main Services:

Software Development

Stoic Dreams

Since then, he has developed this start-up software studio to provide users with specific solutions for everyday tasks – in both desktop and web platforms. Task Story and Task Proxy from Stoic Dreams offer extraordinary productivity prospects for developers – enabling them to complete high-grade projects swiftly!

Furthermore,, a website developed by Stoic Dreams, is pioneering the idea of Continuous Agile Software Engineering (CASE) through their unique viewpoint on agile software development and continuous delivery workflows.

The team behind Stoic Dreams is determined to produce high-quality and easy-to-use software solutions for its users. They are constantly innovating and improving their products with the help of feedback from clients.

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