Stitch Strategy

Australia, Yarraville

Stitch, founded by Jaye Heraud, is a digital services provider based in Yarraville, specialising in making your website the central hub of your digital presence.

Main Services:

Digital Strategy, Squarespace Webdesigner, Online Business Management

Stitch Strategy

With a focus on balancing and harmonising your online platforms, Stitch creates pathways for accessibility through social channels, mailing lists, and overall digital visibility. Jaye is also a Squarespace website designer and can transform your digital space to make your website contact point an excellent space for your customers to visit.

Confident in delivering timely and effective services, Jaye draws from previous experience as a preferred supplier in The Little Collective. The ability to seamlessly integrate the proposed services within the specified timeframe is assured, leveraging Jaye’s operational expertise and dedication to providing excellent service.

At the core of Stitch’s ethos is a passion for purpose-led, heart-driven, and creative businesses. Jaye embraces inclusivity, welcoming LGBQTI+ individuals and neurodiverse individuals. Additionally, Stitch supports First Nations people by sharing a percentage of profits with Ngarrimili monthly, contributing to their efforts in empowering First Nations businesses and creatives.

In summary, Stitch, under the leadership of Jaye Heraud, stands as a reliable partner for small businesses, offering comprehensive digital services, active community engagement, and a commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility.

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