Spectrum Science & Beauty


Spectrum Science & Beauty have been specialising in beauty equipment and aesthetic equipment for beauty clinics, salons, spas and aesthetic practices for 15 plus years.

Main Services:

IPL Machines, Tattoo Removal Lasers, LED Light Therapy Machines, Microdermabrasion Machines, Laser Hair Removal Machines, Skin Analysers, Hydrodermabrasion Machines, Fractional RF Machines, Beauty Equipment, Aesthetic Equipment

Spectrum Science & Beauty

Focussed on equipment including IPL Machines, Tattoo Removal Machines, Hydrodermabrasion Machines, LED Light Therapy Devices and other professional clinic equipment.

Spectrum is different in that it provides a full support solution including innovative equipment, expert training, technical support, customer service and ongoing support.

We have won many awards including Australias Most Trusted Medical Grade Equipment Manufacturer, Best Laser Aesthetics Device Designer & Supplier, Best Beauty & Aesthetic Equipment.

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