Portugal, Lisboa

We are an innovative and experienced team created to embody the attitude of intervening in buildings, in a technically informed way, connoisseurs of the difficulties and potentialities of each building and to transform them into valued spaces, where we want to live and to work.

Main Services:

Architecture, Renovations, Remodelling, Housing, Site management, Project Management, Engineering, New Build, Site Construction Overseeing, refurbishments


Passionate about space and architecture …

Specializing in remodeling and refurbishments, we are a ‘one-stop-shop’ for property owners, investors and real estate agents looking for innovation and professionalism. We intervene with the purpose of valuing the property, through contemporary and functional solutions for each type of use. Aware that real estate is an important asset for our clients, all our efforts are directed to maximize their market value. We attach a realistic budget to a custom design so that your remodeling is a successful investment.

Committed to deliver quality works, spacelovers designs and prepares the construction in advance. The works are performed by qualified professionals, with a constant technical follow-up, giving special attention to details and finishes. So we reach the excellence as a result that spacelovers is proud to deliver to Clients.

We offer: Bespoke projects and construction preparation. Construction management and technical accompaniment prepared by architects and engineers. We only work with selected subcontractors and suppliers. We use materials and construction techniques appropriated to each type of building system.

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