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South Pacific plantations Ltd is promoting a 2000 acre farm on the island of Malekula, one of the 83 islands of the Republic of Vanuatu, an archipelago within the tropical South Pacific.

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South Pacific Plantations management ltd

Vanuatu is situated just two hours Flight east of Australia at three hours flight northwest New Zealand. And an 8 1/2 hours flight from Hong Kong.

Vanuatu has been affected by Covid – 19 as the rest of the world has added news that it is opening its borders for international tourism and investors from 1 July 2022

The Prime Minister of The Republic of Vanuatu, the Hon. Bob Loughman has stated that we have to look at exciting and varied new concepts of your ways of attracting investors into the Republic of Vanuatu.

One of these attractions for investors is that Vanuatu has no income tax, personal or corporate, no death duties, no gift tax, and no capital gains tax plus no capital controls so you can move funds in and out.

Our Malekula Island farm project allows investors to buy a 1-acre property that has a land title under the strata title lease act. They can be transferred into the purchase’s name, giving them equity security.

South Pacific Plantation Management offers a 1-acre lot or 4000 sqm for USD 35,000, plus a further 15,000 USD for the development of the farm into a papaya plantation with 400 trees planted.

The projected return for each tree average is 80 kg per season, and this can be sold ex-farm gate for one dollar a kilo.

Papaya trees historically can produce anywhere between 40 kg to 110 kg per season.

International rates in the first half of 2022 were $1.60 to $2.10 per kilo, but weather and market fluctuations can affect everything in life.

The gross yield at 80 kg per tree by 400 trees planted could equal as much as 32,000 kg, always submit to weather and conditions, of course.

The gross income yield is split 1/3 to the Investor at the owner of the land and 1/3 to the share Farmer, whose job is also to organise the sale of the fruit and 1/3 for farm costs and labour costs.

The demand for food, of course, is increasing worldwide, and there are fewer farming opportunities to Invest in as more prominent players are buying agricultural land daily.

The Republic of Vanuatu has been affected by COVID-19 as many South Pacific nations have been dependent on tourism but now see the opportunity for agricultural projects to come forward to assist this.

There has been a substantial investment in upgrading several hundreds of millions of Vanuatu Port facilities for containerisation and also upgrading the nation’s airfield tarmacs To bring in international long haul flights.

Vanuatu sets conveniently to be accessed from Japan all the way around to New Zealand in a South Pacific arc. how ever Philipines and Thailand are also producers

This project is also a great benefit to the local community our father of 2000 acres has seven villages with approximately 750 people. We have a seven day Aventis church on the farm, and recently the development company covered the cost of building a shop for local residents.

The average wage before Covid was $3000 per year. The Malekula Farm Let Purchaser is the only commercial project in our community, and it is with great expectation we look at the future after the end of Covid – 19

We also assist via our professional partners with both permanent residency and passports and citizenship via investment as well as corporate set up in the Republic of Vanuatu

The developer Mr Richard Butler was happy to supply any details either by zoom meeting or by direct phone call to his cell phone at +61417007792

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