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Seadog Travels is a travel company for people who love the oceans.

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Seadog Travels

Everything we do revolves around the ocean – both exploring the ocean and protecting the ocean. We explore the oceans through our unique, ocean-centered travel company. All of our travel offerings are guided by our theme and our passion, which is the ocean. Whether it’s our themed tall ship sailing adventures, our hosted group travel to select tropical island and coastal communities, our luxury cruise offerings, or our destination wedding, boat brokerage, and travel agency services, we focus on the ocean. Want to live like a pirate? We do that. Want an amazing wedding experience on a tropical island? We do that. Want to explore islands in the Caribbean? We do that, too, and much more. Our long-term vision, which will help protect the oceans, is to operate a fleet of tall ships that offer amazing sailing experience while conducting cutting-edge ocean science at the same time. It’s our goal to help people rediscover the beauty and vitality of the oceans while also understanding its importance.

We are offering our first, pirate-themed tall ship adventure in The Bahamas in 2024. Live like a pirate for a week, island-hop, learn history, explore, and enjoy. This is the first of many themed sailings that we will offer to groups from around the world. We also focus on creating and offering the best in immersive tropical island and coastal community group travel. Our current destinations include Maine, the Florida Keys, San Diego, St. Lucia, The Bahamas, New Orleans, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These are immersive, fun, and hosted group experiences that dive into the history, culture, cuisine, and uniqueness of each destination. Our portfolio of destinations will grow in the future.

In addition, we highlight the best in the cruise industry with a focus on the luxury, small cruise ship segment. These cruises offer the best experiences and destinations. These include Star Clippers, Windstar Cruises, Virgin Voyages, Seabourn Cruises, Atlas Ocean Voyages, and the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. We also highlight those cruise lines that are offer eco-friendly, sustainable travel and do their part to keep the oceans healthy.

We have recently begun offering honeymoon and destination wedding services to wedding groups of all sizes. With certification as a Certified Niche Specialist by The Travel Institute, Seadog Travels highlights island and ocean wedding and honeymoon experiences. We also offer boat brokerage services for people wanting to buy or sell a quality used boat. We are also available to fulfill anyone’s travel needs through our general travel agency services.

Seadog Travels was founded in 2020, by Dr. Paul Hardersen. He has a diverse background with experience as a research scientist, professor, traveler, and U.S. Navy veteran. In many ways, Seadog Travels came about after he went on his first windjamming sail in the Caribbean in 2016, which captured his heart and imagination.

While it should go without saying for any business, we focus on providing the best service possible to the people who travel with us. We are with our travelers before, during, and after their travels. We are building a community of travelers who love the ocean, love to travel, and want to be a part of something bigger. There is much work, education, and action that needs to occur to keep our planet and oceans healthy. This is something else that drives everything we do at Seadog Travels.

In summary, we are building a unique, world-class travel company that — we think — is different and better in the industry. We also have our eyes set on the distant horizon where we will buy and operate our fleet of tall ships. Combining the travel industry with ocean science is something rare in the industry and our fleet will undoubtedly become the public face of the company. There’s nothing like the feeling of being close to nature and the sea as the wind blows in your face, the sails are full, and you are out exploring on the ocean. Join us!

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